What do you think of adoption by gay couples?

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What do you think of adoption by gay couples?

Adoption is a noble cause. It is a process where an unprivileged child gets to see a new life with new hope. Adoption prevents many loses that an orphan child faces if left in the orphanages. We cannot say the orphanages are bad. They take care of children who have lost their parents by providing them with education, food along with shelter. But to raise a child in a family oriented place with a father as a guardian and mother as hope is much better.

Adoption is a term used to define love and affection an individual portrays while deciding to give a new life to a child who has lost his/her parents. To become a parent you don't have to be gay or straight by nature. Any one of us with an open heart can adopt a child. Anyone who is ready to take care of all the responsibilities can be a parent. None should be prohibited in handling adoption. Adoption is a process, a noble cause, whether it is a gay couple or straight, it doesn't matter.

Many people have a thought of raising a child by two people of the same gender as a shameful act because the child won't get the love of both father and mother. Along with that, the child may have a bad influence in the mind about seeing two males or even females raising him/her. On the other hand seeing his/her friends and neighbors having both the male and the female persons as a parent, may strike a chord. The child might get psychological confusions relating the true nature of parenthood, being raised in a gay family and might also turn out to be a gay in future. At times he/she even gets bullied by his/her classmates in schools for being raised in such a family. These are the general perceptions or outcomes of gay parenthood.

But not all the parents who are straight in nature, always have a straight or normal child. If a single mother or father raises a child, doesn't necessarily mean that the child is forged from the love of the other partner. Parenting is all about making your child know what is good and what is bad, including various lessons of life.

Parenting involves taking care of the child needs, providing a better education and securing his/her future.

And most important is protecting the child from all bad moralities and giving the values that help him/her in taking decisions in future.

No matter who is raising a child, be it a gay couple or a straight couple, it all depends on how they are raising.

It is not a justified task to restrict a gay couple for adopting a child. Everyone has their rights to have a family and raise children irrespective of the fact whether he/she gay, lesbian or straight. We are humans first and as every human being has his/her right, we are no one to judge whether a gay couple should raise a child or not.

The gay couple adopting a child is nothing against the law of nature when a child needs a father and mother to grow up to be a healthy individual, all it matters is the proper understating of both the partners that make the child grow into a healthier and intelligent individual. Some people have a perception that a child might get influenced and turns out to be a gay, but on the contrary, the gay or straight being has no bad influence on the child. No human being can influence another one to become gay or straight. It is nature's law and no one has any control over it. It comes from within the person, no matter which family you are raised up with.

People also think that the child getting raised in a gay family might not get the proper attention as required and might turn out to be weak in academics and school activities. But in many cases, it has been observed that the child raised by a homosexual couple turns to be academically more successful in various school activities as compared to children raised in a normal family.

There are a number of gay families that take care of a child with equal care and love as straight families do. In fact, it has been seen that the children in a gay family are much happier that the children of straight individuals.

Many studies prove that nothing hampers the upbringing of a child when he/she is taken care by two partners of the same gender.

When it comes to the rights, people question on the child's right too. Yes, the child has a right too. The child has a right to have a father and a mother to take care of him. But the right is applicable only in cases where a child has several options to consider. But by getting adopted the child at first place gets the life of a better world and livelihood which won't have been possible if he/she has not been adopted.

Some people do not want their child to know that they are being adopted and maintain secrecy. In the case of a gay couple, they might not be successful in hiding the secret from their child. Being adopted at times might make the child mentally disturbed which happens in most cases. Sometimes the child gets too many eyebrows raised for being handled by a gay couple, and in some cases, this might cause a problem, affecting the confidence of an individual.

But it depends on the mindset of the couple who adopts a child, being straight or gay doesn't decide anything. The right knowledge is the vital responsibility of the parents to make their children know what they should believe and what they should reject.

The child who has been given proper knowledge doesn't get affected drastically by low esteem issues in school. The parents should develop quality ideas that make a child have faith in own, rather than getting bullied or getting hurt by what other people say.

The gay couple has every right to have a kid and to adopt but as adoption is a very delicate matter where both the parents and the child have to embrace each other, therefore the steps should be taken properly in making and enhancing the future of a child.

Adoption creates a path to love homes and families, no matter who adopts, the essence of adoption is love and care. Whether a gay couple provides it or a straight couple, adoption is accepted by everyone.

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