How do I Tell my Parents that I Swing the Other Way?

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How do I Tell my Parents that I Swing the Other Way?

It’s been years since I found out my true gender identity and I have come out to all my close friends. Though I am a proud gay, I have never been able to work up the courage to tell my parents that I swing the other way. The problem is that I hail from a very conservative family where both my parents are very strict about their religion, and they have tried to bestow upon us their values from a very young age. While my parents do have their doubts, they have never been able to confront me regarding the same.

I believe that it is about time my parents got to know about my sexual orientation as I can’t live a life of lie in front of them anymore. But how do I tell them and persuade them to be okay with it? Any suggestions?

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Answers (2)

Share your true feelings with them. Parents will definitely oppose you considering their conservative nature. But you should at least try. It is no use living an identity which is not at all yours.

Find the right time and be clear about what you feel.

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