Why are majority of fashion designers gay?

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Why are majority of fashion designers gay?

Not true! This notion of 'all men fashion designers are gay' is quite overwhelming and amazes me every time I hear people voice it.

The ridiculous theory whilst proposed by the number of amazing people over the years is a false claim. It is true, the fashion industry has many eminent gay men, but that is something to applaud and not to lampoon.

Here is a thing to note all men fashion designers are not gay but we think they are; hence the question asked should be “why do we think all men fashion designers are gay?” and not "why are the majority of men fashion designers are gay?"

It is true that there are gay men in the fashion industry not because their work turns them gay, but because the fashion industry is more accepting. They don’t feel shy in admitting what they are and who they want to be. The fashion industry gives them the freedom to express through their work and through themselves. The fashion industry teaches them to be free of all the social values and morals. Then why only the fashion industry and not the other industries you may ask. Every industry has people like them, but there also are people with blocked mentalities living a life in an illusion that doesn't let others express their individuality. It is not heavy to understand that being a gay or a lesbian is still a taboo in our society. This taboo doesn’t let homosexuals freely admit their individual self and even if someone tries to come out of their cocoon, the society corners them.

Such is a life they live. What we need is to make sure that every place and industry is welcoming to them.

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