Go Without Makeup: 10 Ways To Look Beautiful Naturally

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Go Without Makeup: 10 Ways To Look Beautiful Naturally

Makeup can certainly cover up all those imperfections of yours. But least do we realize that it also damages the skin in the long run. Before resorting to any unnatural techniques, one should think of opting the natural one.

Even if you need to wake up 30 minutes before your daily routine, just do that. After all, it’s your skin, and it’s you who needs to bear the consequences later on. Therefore, here are some simple ways to looking flawless without the makeup.

#1. Water Is The Key

Believe us, if you aren’t keeping yourself hydrated, it could be the worst you would be doing. Drink a plenty of water. It will benefit your skin without the use of any makeup products.

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#2. Don’t Forget  To Moisturize

If you have a huge bottle of moisturizer sitting at the back of your drawer, then don’t waste any more time and get it out. Keep your skin more and more nourished rather than making way for wrinkles or sag. Don’t let the signs of aging show up in an early phase!

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#3. Tone, Tone, Tone

Make that toner an essential part of your skin care routine. This step helps tighten your skin pores and also eliminates the traces of oil. Don’t get lazy!

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#4. Block With A Sunscreen

It’s a skin disaster when you move out of your house without applying an appropriate sunscreen. It’s your responsibility to protect the skin from sun damage!

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#5. Exfoliate

This step helps in getting rid of the dead and dry skin cells. Once you feel the power of exfoliation, you’ll realize how glowing and clear your skin turns out to be.

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#6. Exercising Is Important

There’s a logic behind why people ask you to exercise at least every alternate day if not every day. The answer is simple. When you exercise and release sweat, you aren’t only getting yourself into a better shape, but you are also releasing harmful toxins present in your body. Once these toxins discharge, the skin pumps more blood and enhances the skin cells.

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#7. Eat Healthy

When you eat better, it shows up on your facial skin. Therefore, keep a check on the nutrition aspect and incorporate better changes. Start small but initiate the transformation. Do not get discouraged if it’s taking time. Stay consistent on your habits, eat all the required vitamins and minerals and notice the difference in your skin if not sooner then maybe a little later.

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#8. Supplement, But Not Always

If the skin is damaged to an extreme level and none of the things are working, then take the help of supplements. Consume only the right ones and recover that damage. Get back to a normal routine once the problem eradicates. 

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#9. Keep Your Eyebrows Well Groomed

This could include one of the most underrated aspects of your daily routine. But if you want to flaunt a beautiful bare face look then it’s important to fix not just the skin but also your eyebrows. Keep them well groomed, neat and tidy. Don’t resort to make up for refinement but shape them properly and opt for the preferable way: wax, thread, pluck or trim.

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#10. Shampoo Is A Must

Don’t let that oily and greasy scalp spoil your overall look. Shampoo daily or at least on alternate days (or according to your needs) to maintain a fresher and cleaner look. Your hair makes a huge difference in making the skin look dull or bright.

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All of the terms mentioned might sound familiar. But you procrastinate each day because of slower results! This way makeup becomes your best friend, and gradually the skin loses its natural shine, youthfulness, and luster. But there still are several natural ways to overcome the damage and starting today and right now is the trick!

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Opinions (2)
Hydration Is Essential

Nowadays most of the people spend hours every day in front of the mirror to look beautiful and think makeup is one of the best ways of expressing yourself and enhancing your features. Yes, makeup helps you to look beautiful and attractive but temporary. If you want to gain beauty permanently then I completely agree with above points.

I want to add some points, which will help you to enhance your beauty naturally, which are mentioned below:-

1. Eay foods which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids like flax seeds, walnuts, oranges, pumpkin, and many more.

2. Drink plenty of water.

3. Sleep in peace.

4. Working out to healthy skin.

5. Make Sunscreen Mandatory.

As I am the residency of Singapore, Most of the people ask me about the best beauty salon in Singapore. I suggest them to follow these steps also along with taking skin related treatment from the beauty salon. 

Hydration Is Essential

It's quintessential to let your skin breathe. I incline toward an exceptionally subtle and low cosmetics or sans makeup look when I make some impromptu plan with my peers. It’s generally the best choice. I think water is simply the key component to keep your skin hydrated. So, go get yourself a glass of water!

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