Is Your Hair Summer-Ready?

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Is Your Hair Summer-Ready?

It’s summer guys! Time to revel in the basking glory of the sun, gift our skin with the bronzed hue and get sand in our hair. The latest summer style magazines are lying on the dresser. Pastel florals in boho style, the bright yellow dresses you have been storing in your wardrobe for that perfect beach party, the big beach hats, tasseled cover-ups after the long swim; we are definitely summer-ready. But wait, are we forgetting something? Is our hair summer ready? One look into the mirror and pop! the bubble bursts!! Frizzy, limp, thinning and greasy … could it have been any.

Some quick fixes and hacks that will treat your hair making it beach-ready. 

• Chlorine-damaged Hair 

It’s not for nothing that our mothers used to ask us to tie up our hair and covering our head before diving into the pool. The chlorine content in the pool water damages the cuticles our hair making it fine and brittle. 


The solution to chlorine-damaged hair is pretty simple and obvious. Use a swimming cap to cover your mane up. Wet your hair thoroughly before taking a dive. Water binds hair follicles thus preventing penetration of chlorine. You can also apply a leave-in conditioner before taking the swim.

• Oily, greasy Scalp 

Nothing can be worse than an oily greasy scalp weighing down your hair making it look like the otherwise sleek version. 


In summer the best solution to maintain your hair is to wash it on a frequent basis to keep off the oil and dirt that it so lovingly attracts from the air. Dry shampoo is a miracle hair product on-the-go. Invest in a good one according to your hair type for the summer months. Nothing deals with greasy scalp issues better than a dry shampoo. 

• Sun Damage

The harsh UV rays of the sun cause some irreparable damage to hair that needs to be taken care of at the earliest. It damages the keratin of your hair leading to dry and dull hair. Your hair loses its lustre and shine and get prone to breakage. 


The best way to UV proof your hair this summer is to cover your head. Use a cap or a summer hat, tie your hair up and style it with a bandana. Protect your hair while not compromising on your style. Whenever you are going for a day-outing, spritz your hair with a hair spray that is UV filtered. Also to restore the lost nutrients in your hair, do use a deep-conditioning hair mask to add volume and body.

• Summer Frizzy

A head of frizzy hair is the hardest to style. The blazing temperatures and increasing humidity disrupt the otherwise smooth shaft of hair causing them to rough up the cuticles and lose its shine. The hard-to-tame flyaway strands increases. 


Frizzy hair is very difficult to manage. Using heavy hair styling products will only add to the issue. Use a smoothening anti-frizz hair serum that will lock in the moisture. 

• Split Ends 

Yes, the impending hair problem that seems to relapse every few months. The harsh styling techniques paired with the hot temperature during summer strips the hair of all its moisture leaving it brittle. 


The one and only solution for split ends is to trim the tips of the hair affected by split ends. To prevent further split ends or like issues, it is best if you treat your scalp and hair with a heavy-duty oil treatment like a Moroccan oil massage. 

• Dandruff 

If you are someone who suffers from dandruff chronically, summer makes it even worse. The heat, sweat and pollution aggravate the problem further. 


Prevent dandruff to get rid of it. Remember an oilier scalp is the homeland for dandruff. Wash your hair frequently to keep it free of oils and grease. Use a medicated anti-dandruff shampoo.

Come summer, it is very important to protect your mane. Follow these preventive measures and if you still feel the problems persist, book trichologist appointment online. A trichologist is the best person to help you get rid of hair issues. 

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