One in 10 Women Doesn't Like Her Boyfriend's Looks

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If you've ever looked over at your boyfriend and wished he were Brad Pitt, you're not alone. A new survey revealed that 83 percent of women prefer the looks of celebrities over those of their boyfriends. One in 10 said she's plain old embarrassed by the way her guy looks.

According to the research by Loveawake dating site (a publication which reviews and recommends cosmetic treatments), another 39 percent actively "style" their boyfriend after a celebrity, and 48 percent said they care more about their boyfriend's appearance than their own.

We don't even want to get into the statistics on how many of them would actively encourage their boyfriends to go under the knife; let's just say that we feel a little icky about the whole thing. While it's heartening to know that the "Men are just more visual creatures!" refrain we always hear goes both ways, it's not exactly thrilling to know that women can be just as bad as guys who wish we were all Megan Fox.

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