How to remove Hair Dye from Skin?

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How to remove Hair Dye from Skin?

We all love to dye our hair, for many, it's just something that they enjoy doing while for others it's more of a necessity. After all who likes gray hair and how fabulous hair looks after coloring them but there is one tiny problem. The entire process though it produces great results is a complete menace.

Hair dye always ends up staining the skin along the hairline or the skin on your hands. If you are not very careful then a drop or two can leak down your neck or on the shoulders as well. This brings in an important question that often crops up in our mind ‘how to remove hair dye from skin’. Here are some easy solutions to your problems.

Get It Done By A Professional 

Well, don’t roll your eyes as this obvious solution is almost always overlooked. There is a reason why there are professionals for the job. They can get the job done faster and effectively than you can manage. There are other advantages of a professional colorist is that they will be able to advise you on the correct look that goes with your skin tone.

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Get A Professional Dye Removal Done 

In case shelling out money on a professional colorist is a bit too much as far as coloring your hair is concerned then there is another alternative. You can do the hair coloring at home on your own and then later go to a professional to get the hair dye removed from your skin especially the hairline. It won’t be all that expensive and will give you a finished look.

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Use Petroleum Jelly 

This simple little product has a variety of uses and if you plan to avoid stains then you can just simply coat your hairline with a layer of petroleum jelly before you begin dying your hair. The jelly works really well as a stain removal agent, but if you apply it before hand, you can avoid stains altogether. If you have already stained yourself with the dye then just take some petroleum jelly on your fingertips and massage it into the skin, continue massaging until the stain disappears. Use a cotton or makeup remover pad to avoid staining your fingertips in the process.

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Makeup Remover 

Your make up remover has a plethora of uses, you can bring it into use to remove stains caused by hair dye as well. The remover is inexpensive and you can just dab some on a cotton ball and rub it gently on the affected skin. In case you don't have a makeup remover then get one for yourself as it can gently remove eye make up all the while protecting the sensitive skin under the eye.

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Liquid Laundry Detergent 

The above was some easy solution but this particular substance way is not for everyone and if you have a sensitive skin then you must avoid using a detergent. Also, keep in mind that hair dye in itself is a strong chemical. Just in case the above products do not miraculously remove the stain altogether, practice some patience and let the stain disappear on its own. Excessive scrubbing can also be really harmful as it can damage the skin as well.

In case you don’t have a very sensitive skin then just apply a bit of the detergent to the stained skin and rub it gently. Also, avoid getting any in your eye. Use warm water or a cloth dabbed in warm water to scrub the area clean. Let the detergent soak in for half an hour and don’t over rub it. Repeat this procedure if it's absolutely necessary otherwise let the dye gradually disappear.

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Which way was the most effective in removal of hair dye from your skin? Share with us your experience using the comment box below. 

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No, It Can't
If you have tried applying hair dye on your own you would realise what a huge mess it is. You end up staining everything from your hairline to your hands and sometimes even your clothes. To avoid this huge mess the best solution would be to just shell few extra bucks and get it done by a professional. They would be able to guide you as to what products and dye are best suited for you and give you a finish that is next to impossible at home. In case going to the parlour is not an option or in certain cases where you saw way too many YouTube videos and got inspired to do a hair colour on yourself then try going for petroleum jelly. The product is harmless and you can use it on the skin without fear of damage. Make sure you don't over scrub as that would result in a damaged skin or scalp, you might even end up breaking a few hair by excessive scrubbing so avoid that altogether.
Stains generally come out in a few days as your scalp produces natural oil and that makes the stains disappear. In case you are still bothered by the problem then go for petroleum jelly.
In any case just totally avoid detergent or for that matter acetone on the scalp. The chemicals in a detergent are way too harsh and will end up spoiling your scalp altogether. Such chemicals are very harsh on the skin and should never be used on any part of the body. Similarly, if you are thinking of using acetone then you need to remember that skin has pores and such harsh chemicals blocking those pores is bad news! So, simply either get it done at a salon or if not use safe stuff like petroleum jelly and in no case make use of a detergent or for that matter acetone.

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