Bollywood Actresses Who Went For Skin Lightening Treatment

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Bollywood Actresses Who Went For Skin Lightening Treatment

In India, beauty and fair skin are considered to be synonyms for the majority of people. Fairness has become a stigma in the society while the West continues to sunbathe for a perfectly tanned dusky skin. Same is the case with the Bollywood actresses.

Well, Bollywood actresses have to meet the demands of the masses (that love fair skin and fair skin only). So, most of them are going for skin lightening/whitening treatment. For eg. If we consider Kajol’s skin color. Was it the same in DDLJ? Hell no! But, on being asked ‘Kajol did you undergo whitening treatment?’ Her answers are pretty much made up. We know it!

Many B-town actresses have undergone some major whitening treatment. Check out the list below:

#1. Kajol

The much-revered actress in Bollywood Kajol has undergone skin lightening treatment to turn her dusky skin into an artificial fair skin tone. 

kajol skin whitening

(Image Courtesy: India Today)

#2. Priyanka Chopra

After winning the coveted title of Miss World, Priyanka underwent a plastic surgery of her nose and also a skin melanin surgery. 

Image result for Priyanka Chopra skin whitening

(Image Courtesy: Nyooz Flix)

#3. Bipasha Basu

Famous for her dusky skin, Bipasha was a fancy flaunter. Until the day she chose to change it through skin bleaching treatment and switched to a fairer tone. Even worse, now she endorses fairness creams!

Bipasha Basu skin whitening

(Image Courtesy: TopYaps)

#4. Deepika Padukone

One of the most highly-paid actresses of Bollywood cinema, Deepika Padukone went through the skin whitening treatment recently. 

Deepika Padukone skin whitening

(Image Courtesy: The News Tribe)

#5. Shilpa Shetty

The yoga aficionado went under the needle to bring back the lost fame. Well, Shilpa's attempts to lighten and brighten her dusky complexion is surely doing rounds, but it has shattered our hearts to embrace the originality.

Image result for Shilpa Shetty skin whitening

(Image Courtesy: Motionnemotions)

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 I feel, the skin lightening treatment is an extremely faltering practice. Individuals must not do this. Despite the fact that everybody is free to their decision and nobody can prevent them from doing what they need to do. Be that as it may, I think one must love the shading and all aspects of the body they have. Being big names they should set an alternate pattern and change the outlook of the general population where they think that reasonable shading is all they have to look excellent. I have faith in dark magnificence and they should as well.

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