Do any Famous Celebrities have Herpes?

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Do any Famous Celebrities have Herpes?

Hollywood is a place that thrives on glamour and a fast paced lifestyle that very few can keep up with. The result is an enormous amount of promiscuity and indulging in sex with multiple partners and not using proper protection.

This leads to the spread of dreaded STDs such as herpes. One would be surprised to know that the famous people we see on screen have had herpes. It is the most common type of virus contracted from being intimate with someone who is carrying this virus. Here is a list of stars with herpes.

Celebrities With Herpes 

#1. Jessica Alba

The beautiful actress who has been a part of movies such as 'Fantastic Four' and 'Sin City' is among the list of celebrities that have herpes. She contracted the virus from her ex-boyfriend Derek Jeter.

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#2. Scarlett Johansson

The gorgeous bombshell is the dream woman for many guys out there but the idea that she carried this STD diseases might just dampen your fantasies a little bit. Though luckily her infection has completely recovered and surprisingly her transmitter was the same as that of Jessica Alba.

#3. Jessica Claire Timberlake

Formerly known as Jessica Biel, this gorgeous starlet too contracted herpes from Derek Jeter, just like Jessica Alba and Scarlett Johansson did.

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#4. Brad Pitt

The famous heartthrob who has been the dream man of females around the world actually suffered from herpes before he even married FRIENDS star, Jennifer Aniston. 

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#5. Mariah Carey

It seems like Derek Jeter has his way with women as he could successfully convince a string of beauties to sleep with him but unfortunately for all of them, promiscuity often results in infections like herpes.

#6. Paris Hilton

Again a no surprise that the most famous party animal in the world, Paris Hilton who is known for her socialite lifestyle would acquire herpes. The news broke out after a herpes medication, Valtrex, was found in her living quarters, it was made out in her name.

(Image Courtesy: Freaking News)

#7. Britney Spears

The famous pop icon was the most beloved figure for the masses in the early 2000s. She lived a sensational life and was known for her bold image, though ironically for a long time the star maintained that she was a virgin. So, it was surprising that Britney was actually found purchasing medicine that is used in the treatment of herpes.

#8. Rihanna

No one does bold and sexy better than this long legged beauty. She is known for often pushing the boundaries and being very open about her daring image. Though the lifestyle did often catch up with her and according to Chris Brown, the singer and actress gave him herpes and acted deranged on being confronted about it.

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#9. David Beckham

The famous and handsome football star who is married to posh spice Victoria Beckham also suffers from herpes along with his wife. 

(Image Courtesy: The Independent)

#10 Orlando Bloom

The beloved 'Pirates Of the Caribbean' star is another actor who has a strong female fan base but sadly for them, their dream guy too suffered from Herpes. He got the infection from Vanessa Minnillo, who got it from Derek Jeter.

(Image Courtesy: The Independent)

#11. Derek Jeter

This name might not sound surprising on this list after seeing the long list of females who have got herpes from him. 

(Image Courtesy: Sports Illustrated)

Herpes is an STD infection that can be easily treated and here is how you can know more about it. Don't forget to leave us feedback in the comment box below.

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