9 Famous Hollywood Celebrities You Didn't Realize Were Sex Workers

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9 Famous Hollywood Celebrities You Didn't Realize Were Sex Workers

The starry world of Hollywood may look very glamorous, but the picture off screen has some harsh and grim realities. Making it in the industry is not easy and those who have hustled long enough to make a mark of their own paid some heavy dues. 

As shocking as it may sound, many well-known celebrities had to sell their bodies for money while climbing their way up the ladder of success. All these names are quite famous celebrities, and it is a mark of their strength and dedication that they didn’t let anything deter them from rising higher. Some names on our list might come as a shock to you:

1. Al Pacino

Stunned! Aren’t you? This name which is among the greatest legends of Hollywood was once a struggling actor. Al Pacino after deciding to be an actor had to go through a period of hardship where he had to rely on the world’s oldest profession to make ends meet. While living in Italy during the early phases of his career, the star slept with an older woman in return for food and lodgings. Later, he deeply regretted the decision.

(Image Courtesy: New York Post)

 2. Denise Richards

Her ex-husband is famous for courting controversies and has made the news for all the wrong reasons, but it is Denise Richards’s past that has been the most controversial of all. The star was a high-end escort with Heidi Fleiss’ super secret service and even met Charlie Sheen during her stint as a sex worker.  

(Image Courtesy:   OuchPress)

3. Russell Brand

The English comedian and actor, charms us with his wit and eloquent talks but before he took on the stage to crack jokes and went on to marry Katy Perry, the star was working as an escort. During his struggling days, this funny man was also addicted to drugs and turned to prostitution to pay his bills.  

(Image Courtesy:   Billboard)

4. Matt Le Blanc

The goofy and adorable Joey of hit TV show Friends also was a cast member of another show that has been swept under the rug by the star. He was part of a soft-core porn movie called The Red Shoe Diaries before he tasted success and became a recognizable name in Hollywood.  

(Image Courtesy: Evening Standard)

5. Brad Pitt

He is now an iconic star not just in Hollywood but also admired across the world and was previously married to beauties such as Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Anniston but before all this happened Brad Pitt was just another struggling actor trying to get a break in the industry. During this phase, the star had a short stint as an escort when he worked for gay soap star Thom Racina.  

(ImageCourtesy: Evening Standard)

6. Marilyn Monroe

She was famous for being a pin-up girl and is probably the most recognizable sex symbol of the world, but Marilyn Monroe had other jobs before finally getting her big break, these stints included being a companion to men with power for $500. She had even once admitted that this helped her to pay rent and put food on her table.  

(Image Courtesy: Gentleman's Choice)

7. Saeeda Vorajee

The Game of Thrones star who appeared nude in a few scenes and played the role of a prostitute in the first few seasons is a real life sex worker and charges £900 for her services.  

(Image Courtesy: Ideal )

8. Sophie Anderton

She has had an illustrious career as a model and then was a reality TV specialist, but Sophie Anderton relied on being an escort to support her drug habits. According to her, it was modeling that fueled this lifestyle of alcohol and drugs, and it spiraled out of control too soon.

(Image Courtesy:  Digital Spy)

9. Nancy Reagan

The former First Lady, Nancy Reagan was the wife of President Ronald Reagan, and this highly respected figure had the past that was extremely controversial. She had aspirations to be a Hollywood star and to land a gig, she did odd jobs which included entertaining guests.

(Image Courtesy: NBC News)

They say when life gives you lemons, make yourself a lemonade, and that’s exactly what these stars did by making the best of what came their way. 

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