Which Hollywood actors had HIV?

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Which Hollywood actors had HIV?

HIV, founded by scientists in the year 1983, is a deadly virus that causes AIDS. There are a small number of celebrities who have been victims of the virus but do you know which Hollywood actor have HIV?’

HIV or 'Human Immunodeficiency Virus' is a diabolical virus that attacks the immune system of living beings which is nonetheless our body’s way to defend itself against crude viruses. If one doesn’t get to know about the disease in time, it makes the immune system of a person weak and degenerative, disabling all the strength to defend the body against evil viruses.

Let’s Understand Which Actors Have Been Traumatized By This Life-Threatening Virus:

#1. Freddie Mercury

(Image Courtesy: The Awesome Daily)

The Late British singer, the lead vocalist of the band named ‘Queen,' met his untimely death in the year 1994 on November 21 due to diabolical complications related to AIDS which had sent his fans into immense shock.  It was difficult for the fans to cope up with the news as soon he announced it to the world. Life is unpredictable, isn’t it?

#2. Arthur Ashe:

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The premier black man who won in singles at Wimbledon and the U.S Open was a revolutionary tennis star. He was the pioneer of tennis in the middle of 1970’s and was a native of New York city. He dominated tennis just right before he gained the deadly disease HIV due to blood transfusion during a vital heart bypass surgery. People revered him more when he ended up becoming an HIV activist and made immense efforts to spread awareness before his death in the year 1993.

#3. Greg Louganis:

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He caught the spotlight after a revelation of his deadly secret in his autobiography released in the year 1996 namely ‘Breaking the Waves.' He revealed himself as gay and an HIV infected. Later, he became an activist raising his voice for LGBT community and ‘fight against AIDS.' These people are called champions as they learn to keep up their courage to motivate the world to fight against such diseases. Are you one of them? We are sure that you are!

#4. Andy Bell

(Image Courtesy: Wiki Media)

He came out with his little secret before the masses in the year 2004, just six years after he was diagnosed with HIV. He proved himself to be a true motivator for those suffering from the devilish disease. Not everybody holds enough bravery to reveal their true status to the entire world!

#5. Liberace:

(Image Courtesy: Gannett-Cdn)

The colorful showman, who faced his death in the year 1987, tried to keep his sexuality and traumatic suffering of AIDS a secret. The doctors who were treating him iterated that his death took place due to cardiac arrest. An official of California was heard giving out news that the singer met his unfortunate end due to pneumonia complications related to AIDS.

#6. Isaac Asimov

(Image Courtesy: Quartz)

The idol of sci-fi got HIV disease from a blood transfusion during heart bypass surgery which is a pretty common scenario around the world. His woman who soon turned into a widow after his death revealed his disease right ten years after he passed away in the year 1992. Anyway, it would be hard for any woman to digest the fact that her man has been suffering from a deadly virus which probably has no cure till date. So, we quite understand why she divulged out on the news after so many years.

#7.  Charlie Sheen

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'The Three Musketeers' actor Sheen got to know about his HIV infected status in the year 2011. He did not break out the news until the year 2015 arrived. He was seen as a man of courage when he divulged out the news in an interview on TV. He has been a major advocate of the disease since the year 2006. ‘Two and a Half Men’ hero has our support in his journey, doesn’t he?

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Spring Gardens Recovery

For me personally, the saddest case is that of Freddie Mercury. The lead singer of Queen is an icon for many and a lot of people took up music as a hobby and profession all because of him. It is terrible that such a talented man whose voice never had an equal left the world all too soon because of HIV. Had Freddie been born a few years later or had science made the progress back then which it has done now, then things would have been way different. One wouldn't be too surprised to see Charlie Sheen on this list as given his antics and all the other infamous lists that he has made his way into, HIV was the most likely outcome. Though I wish him a speedy recovery and people should learn from him and understand that overindulgence is always harmful. 

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