Did Jay Z cheat on Beyonce?

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Did Jay Z cheat on Beyonce?

Who doesn't like watching Jay Z and Beyonce feature in a single frame? However, their love story was a roller coaster ride with lots of controversies and scandals a regular feature as they indulged in marital bliss. 

There was utmost confusion in the air for a while about Jay Z and Beyonce’s relationship.  It was suspected that Jay Z had cheated on Beyonce. But, are those claims true? Let’s find out by giving a glance to the timeline of their relationship!

2002: Their relationship started after showing up together in 03 Bonnie & Clyde.

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2005: Things started getting bad for the beautiful couple when rumors about Jay Z and his protégé namely, Rihanna's hooking up started surfacing. The couple had a secret split. But fortunately, J. Randy Taraborrelli, a biographer declared them as fake.

September 2006:  The singer Beyonce released her solo album featuring two songs, namely, 'Resentment' and 'Ring the Alarm' about cheating  indicating at Rihanna. Before the release, her dad and manager later shrugged off the rumor saying ‘Ring The Alarm' has nothing to do with Rihanna’.

April 2008: Jay Z and Beyonce started their beautiful life by getting married.

January 2012: ‘Blue Ivy’, their daughter took birth adding charm to their lives. She was also the first child of the couple! Everything was great for the family for one year until the year 2013 barged in. In the same year in the month of January, we got to hear rumblings of a love affair between Roc Nation artist Rita Ora and Jay Z.

February 2013: The sensational singer Beyonce released her much-anticipated documentary ‘Life Is But A Dream’ on HBO. Nothing too big happened in that. Although, there is a good amount of footage of hers which shows her deep love for her husband.

April 2013: The couple celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary.

June 2013: Jay Z in his single ‘Holy Grail’ depicts a reference to somebody cheating on him. ‘Keep cheating on me’ was he talking about Beyonce? But, in August 2013, that is two months later; Jay Z was accused by rapper and model LIV claiming that he came to her and asked for her number. And, according to her, she refused to give keeping the respect for Beyonce in mind.

November 2013:  There were innumerable reports on Jay Z doing parties with Belgian hottie, Claudia Scheelan. Soon, the woman denied that anything inappropriate happened on microblogging website Twitter. However, strong rumors suggesting separation again began to surface following the news.

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April 2014: Rita showed up on a show called ‘The Breakfast Club’ and had shut down the hosts when they brought up her romantic relationship rumors with Jay Z. Also, do you remember the footage of Bey's sister Solange attacking Jay Z in life at the Met Gala in May 2014? It talked about the Jay Z’s evident love affair with the ex-wife of best friend Dame Dash.
But just two days later, Jay Z, along with Solange apologized for whatever happened.

June 2014: ‘On the Run,' couple’s joint tour took off which saw Jay Z and Beyonce’s backstage incessant fights. Around that time, reports claimed that Jay Z had cheated again on his wife with TV star Casey Cohen, but well she denied it.

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July 2014: Rumours of divorce multiplied around that time. Things didn’t work out even when Rihanna performed her song ‘Resentment’ and changed the lyrics to ‘"Been riding with you for six years," to say "12 years" which just depicted the time of their relationship. Woah!

August 2014: LIV released a song named ‘Sorry, Ms. Carter’. I hope you didn’t forget who LIV was! Jay Z had an affair with her a year ago. Now, remember? Carter was Beyonce surname, shocked?

February 2015: Beyonce was seen yelling Jay Z at a restaurant in LA and then again they argued in public in March 2015. Also, they were spotted attending Met Gala together in the same year in May.

April 2016: Things seemed fine for a while. Though, the divorce rumors started showing their ugly heads in April 2016 when Beyonce came out with her sixth album ‘Lemonade’ which had a number of lyrics indicating to Jay Z’s infidelity. That’s when we again got to hear about Rachel Roy. People started speculating the lyrics "He better call Becky with the good hair indicating at her.

June 2017: The rapper Jay Z came out with his collaboration with Bey namely ‘Family Feud’ which showed lyrics that proved his cheating on Beyonce.

Were you aware of these facts? Did Jay Z cheat on beyonce? Tell us about it. Comment on the box below to share your opinions and views!

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