Is Angelina Jolie Regretting her Decision of Splitting Up with Brad Pitt?

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Is Angelina Jolie Regretting her Decision of Splitting Up with Brad Pitt?

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie recently made a statement suggesting that she doesn't like to be single. Does that mean she is regretting to part ways with Brad Pitt?

I do not know if she is really regretting her decision or she is trying to find someone better for her. However, one thing is for sure, her journey to the top was like a road full of bumps. What do you think did she mean when she passed a remark as such? Kindly comment on the dialog box. 

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I do not suppose she is regretting splitting up with Brad Pitt, perhaps she is just indicating that she has found another guy. 

I truly think it's their personal matter though. however as far as I've read and came across she's strong and independent women to lead her life well with her children.

I think that it truely is non of our concern, we all need to give stars the personal space they all deserve.

I think the most important question here is that why are we so involved with the lives of Hollywood stars that their break ups have such an important impact on our lives, Maybe Angelina is unhappy with the break-up and finding a way to cope with the change just like every divorced person does. 

I don't think she is regretting moving away from former husband Brad Pitt. In my opinion, it is just a signal to all the men out there that she has moved on from her divorce and is ready to start a new life.


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