What are your opinions on Supreme Court Verdict on Triple Talaq?

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What are your opinions on Supreme Court Verdict on Triple Talaq?

The Supreme courts ruling on triple talaq has garnered a lot of mixed responses from the public. While there are those who have praised the efforts of petitioner Ishrat Jahan, others have not been too happy with the decision. 

What is your view on this ruling? Do you think this is a huge leap in terms of social justice and gender equality or is it interference with religious views.

How favorable is the decision in perspective of Islam? Does Islam allow for such a vast change? Let us know what you think about the whole thing using the comment box below. 

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This is a huge decision and absolutely in favour of the Muslim women. they needed a law to protect themselves from the atrocities of their husbands and it was really unfair to these women. now that the law has been made there will be justice. 

It is a very sensitive topic and the best people who can and should take a decision are the ones who deal with the triple talaq.

The triple talaq verdict and then the right to privacy, the Supreme Court declared two landmarks verdicts in the history of Indian judiciary. The triple talaq verdict is a welcome move by the apex court that sees the liberty and freedom of women in India as its priority.

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