Clubs, Pubs along highways go high and dry

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Clubs, Pubs along highways go high and dry

Thousands of pubs and bars have gone dry as a Supreme Court order banning of liquor along highways comes into force. States are already suffering from huge losses and this order is likely to be a nail in their coffin. The severity of this ban can be understood from the fact that in Delhi around 100 restaurants and bars have stopped serving liquor.

The concerned department is however flooded with letters from registered license holders who say that their vends do not fall in 500 meters from the National Highway. The number of vends which have been impacted through this notification is also large. In Noida, around 42 liquor vends have stopped serving alcohol. The number is 106 in Gurugram. With this number of liquor vends being impacted, losses worth crore of rupees is being expected.

The liquor ban in Maharashtra has impacted over 1000 restaurants and the number is likely to increase since a final count is still awaited. In Chandigarh, the district administration has reportedly converted some roads to district roads so as to make less number of vend owners suffer from this ban. If this trend continues, the auctions of liquor vends are likely to suffer and more people will have to live without liquor.

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Yes, shutting down liquor vends along national highway is a good idea...

Due to this decision the accident which takes place due to drunk driving will become less...

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