Is alcohol good for health?

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Is alcohol good for health?

"Alcohol is a slow poison. It kills a human being." It is the most common statement made by most of us. Even the regular alcohol consumers are aware of the fact that alcohol is hazardous to health and can lead to several disorders. Still, they can't resist themselves from drinking alcohol. Drinks like beer, whiskey, rum, brandy, champagne, wine, etc are the most popular drinks. Vodka is every alcohol consumers favorite drink. Alcohol is very addictive. The person who gets into a habit of consuming it regularly falls into the trap laid down by the black magic of alcohol. But do you know that alcohol has a few advantages over our health too?

  1. Alcohol is not always hazardous. If we don't get addicted to it and are occasional alcoholics, we can seek its health benefits too. It minimizes the risk of heart-related diseases. Alcohol consumption raises the HDL level and cholesterol; that is beneficial to our heart. It prevents the clotting of blood that usually blocks the arteries connected to our brain, neck and heart, ultimately lowering the risk of heart attacks.
  2. Moderate alcohol consumers have a longer life than other human beings.
  3.  People who smoke as well as drink are at a high risk of falling ill. But if you're an alcoholic and a nonsmoker, then you are free of the common colds and coughs. So if you are tired of cold, the best way to prevent it is by consuming alcohol at a moderate level. 
  4. Moderate alcoholics are least prone to the risk of diabetes. It has been scientifically proven that those who consume alcohol occasionally are secure from diabetes type 2.
  5. It, of course, lowers the depression level and gives us temporary relief from stress and anxiety. But don't depend on alcohol too much to reduce your stress. Rather, consult a friend or family member.
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Alcohol is a slow poison. It kills a human being, Alcohol will destroy the people life's so it will effect to whole family. alcohol just gives 1 time happiness but creates lifetime problem if you want to recover from alcohol addiction you can take our expert advice from call and make your happy life for more details call us on 732-560-1080 or visit


Disadvantage of alcohol

Destruction of happy family

Affect to our social status and moral character

Cardiovascular disease




Advantages of alcohol

  • Alcohol can help fight colds
  • Red wine can boost your memory
  • Wine make you live longer
  • Get a healthy heart
  • Look younger
  • Get good cholesterol

Alcohol is not good for health. I agree that in moderation it is having few health benefits, but once the person starts having alcohol, the probability of making it a habit is high. So avoiding its consumption is the best option, as it has few benefits but more of disdavantages.

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