How to make Eggnog with Alcohol?

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How to make Eggnog with Alcohol?

The festival season is incomplete with some delicious eggnog. This is that time of the year when the entire family comes together. This means a lot of celebration and joy, but it also means a lot of awkwardness.

The best diffuser of tension at this time is a rich, creamy eggnog that can liven you up. If that is not enough then try some eggnog with alcohol and the evening will go swimmingly well.

Alcohol And Eggnog

Eggnog is not just any drink, but the spirit of festivities in a glass spiked with alcohol and full of yummy creamy texture. Soon we would be gearing up for the spooky Halloween and the Easter festival, and before you know it, Christmas would be knocking on your door. Thus, you need a delicious glass of eggnog to welcome it.  

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How To Select The Perfect Eggnog?

Now making your nog from scratch may not be something that everyone is interested in doing. We don’t blame them! The season that calls for an eggnog is when we are generally too lazy or too hungover. In both the cases, you can go to a store and purchase some eggnog for yourself. In case you want an eggnog that has a great taste, then don’t go for the store version but try a good local brand or even better go for an organic one.

Best Spirit For An Eggnog

You can’t just mix any spirit with the eggnog, or it will ruin the entire drink. Only go for dark, amber colored spirits that have a higher proof. Examples of such spirits are Rum, bourbon or brandy. Such spiced liqueur that has a high alcohol content will neutralize the sweetness of the eggnog. Similarly, the other flavors that are present in the eggnog will neutralize the modulation of premium liquor. A high poofed booze is all you need to make your drink delicious.

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Eggnog Recipe


3 cups whole milk 

1 cup double cream

3 cinnamon sticks

1 vanilla bean pod that has been split with their seeds removed

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1 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg and keep some more for garnishing.

5 eggs, separated

2/3 cup granulated sugar

3/4 cup Dark Rum, or bourbon

Steps To Prepare Eggnog With Spirits

Take a saucepan and pour milk, cream, cinnamon, vanilla bean, vanilla seeds, and also nutmeg. Bring this mixture to boil over medium heat. Once the mixture boils, remove it from the stove and allow it to be steep. Take a large bowl or a mixer and in that beat the egg yolks and sugars until they are combined, and thick ribbons can be lifted out from the bowl. 

Now, slowly add milk to this mixture and whisk it until the entire mixture becomes smooth. Finally add the key ingredient to this preparation that will make your party all the more lit, which is rum or bourbon. This mixture has to to be kept in the refrigerator for up till 3 days. 

Before you serve, beat the egg nog until soft peak emerges out and then gently fold it. The eggnog is prepared, and you can garnish it with freshly grated nutmeg.

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If all the above is just seriously hard work for you then firstly you are too lazy, and secondly, there is an easy solution. For this, you need to go to an organic market and bring home some fully prepared eggnog and add a splash of peppermint schnapps to it. You have the ultimate holiday drink in no time.  

Are you looking forward to trying new recipes to find your perfect eggnog? Share the above recipe and let us know how everyone liked it Leave us feedback in the comment box below.

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