Does Tequila go Bad?

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Does Tequila go Bad?

In case you just stumbled upon an old bottle of tequila and wondering whether it is fit for consumption then you need to understand certain facts about the drink.

Being a distilled drink there are almost zero chances of the drink from going bad. You can safely consume the drink for a long period but that does not mean that the drink will retain its quality for several years.

Does Tequila Go Bad After You Break The Seal Of The Seal Of The Bottle?

It is important to understand some things about this drink which is the favorite of every party lover. Similar to several other alcohols, this one too needs to be stored in a cool and dry area. In case you are not planning to use the bottle almost immediately, it is a good idea to store it in the pantry and if you are planning to use it for a later period, say a month, or so then a cellar would be a more suitable place for it. another essential to thing to keep in mind is that it should always keep the bottle tightly sealed if you are planning to store it. Don't ever store a tequila bottle whose seal has been opened or without its cap. If the bottle is sealed properly, then no impurities can go into the bottle and also this will stop the liquor from the bottle to evaporate quickly. The alcohol is a spirit, and it will evaporate really soon giving the tequila a very mild taste.

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Does Tequila Go Bad In Heat?

Tequila should not be stored in the heat but rather in a cool and dry place. The drink should also be kept away from humid places or anywhere where it comes in direct contact with sunlight.

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Does Tequila Have A Shelf Life?

A fact about tequila or rather any spirit is that unlike wine, spirits don't age. That means you can't just pack away your spirit hoping they will age into a finer version with time. Once the seal of the bottle is broken, it should be consumed in the next couple of months. Its quality is the best in that time duration after which it will deteriorate. A bottle whose seal is still intact can be stored for a longer period in the pantry. However, storing an open bottle for a long time is a terrible idea as the taste of the drink will get compromised.

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Does the article clear out some your doubts regarding storing tequila?Also, check out these cocktails that you can make using tequila Leave us a  feedback in the below mention comment box.

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No, They Are Not

Tequila is made with blue agave plant. It is a kind of distilled alcoholic beverage which is prepared from the extraction of the Agave plant. While all tequilas are mescal, did you know the liquor generally consists 38-40% of alcohol? There are 5 different kinds of tequila:- Blanco white, Joven young or Oro gold, Reposado, Anejo( an oak barrel tequila which is aged from 2-3 months) , Old Anejo which is aged from 2-3 years.

Tequila is often drunk neat so, it has a bad reputation causing blackouts or hangover. On the contrary, Vodka is composed of water and ethanol. It is made from the fermented substances like grains or sugar containing potatoes and fruits. It contains 40% of alcohol with 80% proof. It has also been highly utilized in cocktails like Bloody Mary, Screwdriver and more.


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