Is Addiction a Disease?

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Is Addiction a Disease?

I keep hearing people say that addiction is a disease, making an addict appear to be a victim of something instead of someone who is doing something wrong. They do not consider that there is an element of choice present in the decisions addicts make. This is what some say, but for centuries, drug or any other addiction has been considered a moral failing on the part of the addict.

While I haven’t been able to clear my thoughts yet, I would love to hear what you have to say on the matter. Do you think addict is a disease or a choice that addicts make? Tell me through your comments.

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It depends on the situation! I don't think that I am addicted if I am growing some cannabis for my personal use in order to beat my anxiety and stress. A lot of people grow some cannabis at their homes just for their medical needs. Nowadays it's too easy to purchase some seeds online at some store 

It's all in the mind! If you think you cannot do without substance abuse or cigarettes, then that's how your brain craves it. Addiction can be treated with a strong mind and a stronger will.

Addiction is a choice. I have seen many people who have controlled their addiction from time to time.

Only if you let it

Addiction is no less than a disease, the only difference being our willingness that can get us rid off an addiction but not a disease. 

Our choices make us addict to something. It is better to stay sane and sensible without falling into any such trap.

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