How many Calories does Liquor have?

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How many Calories does Liquor have?

One mistake that most health conscious people make while they do follow their diet chart religiously, they fail to consider the calories and sugar they intake through alcohol. A sparkling shot or glass of alcohol which may appear like a good friend may be doing more harm to your health than you blame it for.

If you are on a diet and keeping a check on everything that goes to your stomach, then we have some important piece of information for you here. Find answers to questions like how many calories does liquor have, which liquor has the most calories, is liquor more fattening than beer and more below.

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How Many Calories In Alcohol?

Alcoholic drinks, just like any drink or food you consume, contain some amount of energy or calories. You might be surprised but one gram of alcohol has about 7 calories. This makes it second only to fat, one gram of which contains 9 calories. There are approximately 8 grams of alcohol in a standard alcoholic drink, which means that with the alcohol alone you are consuming 56 calories. Not to forget are the sugars that are also present in the drinks in most cases.

While alcohol contains almost as many calories as fat per gram, it fails to provide other nutrients to the body which the latter does. Though traces of vitamins and minerals can be found in most alcoholic drinks, their amount is too low to make any significant difference to our diet. Take a look at how much calories, alcohol and sugar are present in the variety of drinks that you can consume.

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Can Alcohol Ruin Diet?

As you can see above, every alcoholic drink contains some amount of calories. When someone goes on a diet, they usually cut down on about 250 to 500 calorie intake on a daily basis. So clearly, almost every single drink can have a negative effect on your diet plans. Merely a couple of shots or servings are enough to set back your entire day’s diet and one night of partying can easily set you back a few days or perhaps weeks of healthy eating.

Also, while our body can store nutrients, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, it cannot do the same with alcohol. So, whenever you consume alcohol, it is the first substance the body has to process, and all the other process take a back seat, which includes burning of fat or absorption of nutrients.

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How To Manage It?

If you are focused on weight loss, but still wish to keep alcohol in your diet, then you must be aware of the ways you can burn the extra calories you are consuming.

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As you may have noticed, there is a lot of working hours and efforts that you need to put in even when you consume just a little bit of liquor. Also, it does not contain any crucial nutrients, and further slows down the absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body.

What’s The Conclusion?

So undoubtedly, keeping a check on alcohol consumption becomes crucial if you are following a diet plan. Only a small amount of it can ruin your days or weeks of healthy eating. Also, heavy drinking must be avoided as there are more cons to it than pros.

Now it is time to tell us what you think? Is it okay to consume alcohol while dieting? Should health conscious people keep a check on their calorie intake through alcohol? Use the comment box below to share your views with us. We would love to hear what you have to say.

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Liquor has slightly more calorie servings as compared to beer. A light beer has 103 calories, regular beer has 153 calorie as compared to 1.5 ounce servings of gin. However, if you are a regular drinker then you must opt for dark beer which has many anti-oxidants as compared to its lighter variants. In addition to this, hard beer has more calories as compared to wine, whiskey, rum or gin. Therefore, you must not drink more than one glass a day to stay healthy.

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