Do you think Rehabilitation Centers Work?

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Do you think Rehabilitation Centers Work?

My brother has been suffering from drug problem for a little while now and his doctor has suggested us to admit him to a rehabilitation center. However, my family, especially my mother, is quite apprehensive about it, believing that all he needs to get back on the right path is some love and care.

Now, I am torn between whether to listen to the doctor or give my brother another chance to deal with the problem on his own. What do you think I should do? Also, do you think rehabilitation centers are actually effective in eradicating the problem of addiction from its roots?

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Answers (4)

Yeah people help people out no matter what the world says

It depends. For some it works wonders and it doesn't work for others.

Yes, rehabs work in eradicating the problem of addiction.

yes they do help people in giving up drugs. they are helpful.

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