Remembering Marilyn Monroe On Her Birth Anniversary

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Remembering Marilyn Monroe On Her Birth Anniversary

Marilyn Monroe was born 91 years ago today. Hers’ was a life short-lived, but one that had every possible thing a person could see in a lifetime. She experienced everything in her life that she lived for only thirty-six years.

There is so much that has already been talked about her. Her dazzling looks and the way she became a sex icon for generations to come despite having a troubled childhood, an alleged love affair with the then US President John F Kennedy, failed marriages, drug abuse, and mysterious death.

She was a true diva, a global icon so to say. On her birth anniversary, this is an attempt at remembering the real Marilyn Monroe and the fascinating way she lived her life:

Many Names, But The Same Appeal

Monroe in her lifetime was known by a lot of different names. When on the one hand her birth certificate claims her to be Norma Jeane Mortenson, she was baptized to Norma Jeane Baker on the other. She entered the modeling circuit under the names Jean Norman and Mona Norman and checked into hotels as Zelda Zonk. It was only till 1956 when she legally changed her name to Marilyn Monroe, but by then she was already a superstar. As Shakespeare said, "What's in the name; a rose by any other name would smell as sweet," whether she was called Jean Norman or Zelda Zonk, the charm and sex appeal she possessed could never be equated with just a name.

(Image Courtesy: Suzie Kennedy)

Her (Alleged) Love Affair with JFK

Perhaps, one of the most controversial love affairs to ever been have claimed, Monroe’s love affair with the then President of the United States, John F Kennedy will always remain only to be a speculated one. There have been many developments and arguments in support of the affair, but nothing has ever led to anything substantial. However, say what you may but the fact that so many people believe that this relationship exists and even JFK specialists’ claims being the same makes it the worst kept secret of all time.

(Image Courtesy: Immortal Marilyn)

Her Unfamiliarity With Her Father

As a young kid, growing up, Monroe spent much of her time with foster parents and even in an orphanage. It is not hidden from the world that the legendary actress had a difficult childhood. What made it even more unfortunate was the fact that she never knew who her actual father was. Many people also don’t know the fact that she had two different sets of foster parents after her mother Gladys was institutionalized. The orphanage where she grew termed itself to be a model institution, however, Monroe stated in an interview that it made her life horrible as she constantly felt that no one wanted her there.

(Image Courtesy: Getty Images)

Monroe’s Pre-Performance Anxiety

The whole world knows that Monroe suffered from what is termed as a pre-performance anxiety and during the filming of The Prince And The Showgirl, her weight went up and down dramatically. In fact, the issue became so severe that the costume designer had to create duplicate dresses for her in a range of different sizes. A lot of directors who have worked with Monroe claim that her anxiety before shots was so severe that she often fell ill and was the cause of her legendary tardiness on sets.

The Girl For All Advertisements 

She was “The Most Advertised Girl In The World” of her time, as reported by the Advertising Association of the West in 1953. Some of the brands that she represented were American Airlines, Pabst Beer and Kyron Way Diet Pills.

(Image Courtesy: flickr)

Marilyn Monroe Productions

Marilyn Monroe was only the second woman in history to head her production team. Although her production company, Marilyn Monroe Productions Inc. is no longer active, it gave immense pleasure to the sex icon when it was first established. She stated in an interview that she felt so wonderful as she was incorporated.

(Image Courtesy: The Marilyn Monroe Collection)

Her Love For Drugs

The Misfits released in 1961 and was also the last movie featuring Monroe. The film was written by her Pulitzer Prize Winning Author husband, Arthur Mills. However, the film bombed at the box office and became the reason for the couple choosing to go down separate ways. All this perhaps was too much to take for the young Monroe, as Hollywood’s brightest star suffered from several mental health problems and she fell prey to substance abuse.

Monroe’s Fixation With Clark Gables

While shooting The Misfits, Marilyn had an obsession over her co-star Clark Gables, as she thought that he was her birth father. Things got even more dramatic when Monroe cried for two days after the death of Gables.

(Image Courtesy: AP)

Her Hatred For Clothes

Monroe always preferred being naked. She often went without clothes among female studio employees like hairdressers, make-up artists, costume designers and wardrobe mistresses. She often went to interviews naked and would usually roam around wearing nothing beneath her clothes!

Her Tragic Death

If headlines could scream, they definitely would have on the 5th of August 1962 when Marilyn Monroe was found dead at her Los Angeles home. She died of drug overdose. Monroe’s dependence on sleeping pills and other drugs was well-known till then, but no one would have ever imagined the beautiful blonde and woman of dreams would take her life at such a young age. She was only 36.

(Image Courtesy: Points)

Speculations Around Her Death

Although, the reports suggest that her death was a probable suicide, nothing has ever proven concretely. Many people believe Monroe was murdered and that the means was chosen to be of drugs only to make things more ascertain towards her suicide. Many thinkers, including her fans widely consider that Monroe’s death had something to do with her affair with JFK. Unlike their relationship, this is a secret very well kept till date.

Her Legacy

Evidently, she passed away at a very young age, but her legacy continues even after more than half a century later. The golden girl of Hollywood left behind so much to look up to and aspire for. After her death, her former husband and baseball player Joe DiMaggio sent roses to her crypt for 20 long years. She has been imitated by a host of famous celebrities over the years including the likes of Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Gwen Stefani, which yet again is a solid example of her fame and popularity as a public figure. 

She rose from a difficult childhood, to establish herself as a true sex icon for the centuries to come. She will always be remembered as the Hollywood’s brightest superstar.

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