5 Super-Expensive Gifts That David & Victoria Beckham Have Given Each Other

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5 Super-Expensive Gifts That David & Victoria Beckham Have Given Each Other

David Beckham and Victoria Caroline Adam aka Posh Spice’s love story seems like a fairytale. A football sensation and a pop culture icon met in 1997 and fell in love. Needless to say, they have been inseparable ever since. Proud parents of four, the power couple celebrates their 18th wedding anniversary on July 4, defying the trend of short-lived marriages.

Today, we bring you a list of some of the best gifts that the Beckhams have gifted each other over time. If you are ever wondering, what do you present your partner when they practically have everything one could imagine, follow this celebrity-proof list!

#1. Hermes Birkin Bag

If you are thinking what was special in it, then let us tell you that Hermes Birkins are among the rarest handbags in the world. Even the simplest of these carry a price tag of about USD 12,000, and some cost up to USD 300,000. How’s that for a gift?!

(Image Courtesy: Harper's Bazaar)

Well, Posh Spice already has about 100 regular, five-figure handbags in her collection, which is estimated to be worth somewhere around USD 2 million. Don’t get too excited, the list has just started.

#2. Rolls Royce

Everybody knows David Beckham loves collecting cars and has Porsches, Chevys, Bentleys, Range Rovers, Cadillacs, Audis and more, in his collection. So in 2005, he decided to gift his wife with a custom-made Rolls-Royce Phantom, which is estimated to have cost him around USD 500,000.

(Image Courtesy: Car and Driver)

That’s not all he gifted her that year. He opened up with a diamond-encrusted handbag worth USD 100,000 and under the Christmas tree, a Boucheron USD 2.4 million ruby and diamond neckpiece waited for her.

#3. Bulgari Necklace

On the valentine’s day of 2006, the football superstar found another opportunity to spoil his wife and bought her a Bulgari necklace studded with diamonds and rubies, estimated to have cost him around USD 8 million.

(Image Courtesy: Portero Luxury)

Seems like an appropriate gift for a wife, who is allegedly worth about USD 450 million.

#4. Tracey Emin Artwork

It’s not only David who surprises Victoria with romantic gestures and gifts all the time. In December 2014, Victoria scouted the White Cube gallery of London and decided that a neon heart painting by Tracey Emin, which said “I Felt You And I Knew You Loved Me” was worth the splurge.

(Image Courtesy: Public Delivery)

The art piece is now a part of Beckham’s art collection which is reportedly worth upwards of USD 40 million.

#5. An Island in the Bahamas

The year 2017 is special for the couple as it marks the 20-year anniversary of when they met. So, David has decided to make it unforgettable and is supposedly planning to buy a 250-acre island in the Bahamas for his wife. If the deed is finalized, the purchase would dig a USD 9 million hole in his pocket. But hey, who cares if you are worth approximately half a billion dollars!

(Image Courtesy: Travel Tips - USA Today)

Let's wish the Beckhams many more happy years together. Also, do not forget to cast your vote in the interesting poll we have for you below.

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