What are the Conspiracy Theories about Marilyn Monroe's death?

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What are the Conspiracy Theories about Marilyn Monroe's death?

Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe was one of the most enduring artists of the west who won the hearts of millions for her bold and sensual roles in movies. However, her success lasted for a short span, and the diva suffered an untimely death.

She was found dead in her house, lying nude on her bed, with her face down, and a telephone in one hand. There were umpteen number of bottles of antidepressant pills littered on the floor. Although the unfortunate incident happened in the 60’s, there is a lot of ambiguity as to what happened behind those closed doors of her bedroom on the unfateful night when Hollywood lost a jewel.

In remembrance of the blonde beauty, here’s a look at the death conspiracies that emerged immediately after her death.

#1. Robert F. Kennedy Was Behind It

This was one of the first conspiracy theories to surface after Monroe’s death. The theory suggests that Robert killed her in fear that Marilyn might expose their affair. Such an exposure would have ruined his political career and in lieu to save that he murdered his lover. The theory was first advocated by Frank A. Capell in ‘The Strange Death of Marilyn Monroe in 1962’. Later, Anthony Scaduto wrote an article claiming that Kennedy got Marilyn killed because she gained enough political information and had even kept a secret journal to record it all.

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#2. The CIA Got Her Murdered

This theory blamed CIA for Monroe’s death. They ordered the assassination of the beautiful actress to take revenge on the Kennedys because they failed the Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba. They killed Monroe as they were aware of Robert Kennedy’s affair with her and felt that her death will blow off the Kennedy family. The theory was rekindled in 2015 when a retired CIA officer admitted to killing Monroe himself. The news turned out to be hoax later.

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#3. Her Doctors Did It, But It Was An Accident.

Donald Spoto, in 1993 mentioned about Marilyn’s death in his book. He claimed that she suffered an overdose and lied to her doctors. He rubbishes the possibility of her committing suicide because she was on the top of her career. He suggests that the doctors took help of the house keeper to stage her murder or death as a suicide. His theory didn’t receive much support because of the police reports and the statements given by Monroe’s staff.

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#4. It Was An Accident By RFK

Anthony Summers in his 1985 book, 'Goddess: The Secret Lives of Marilyn Monroe' claimed that Robert Kennedy was behind the murder, but it was an accident. He along with his brother-in-law Peter Lawford exhilarated Monroe’s drug and alcohol consumption. They did so because she threatened them of coming out with the affair news in public. She succumbed to the overdose while on her way to the hospital, because of which both RFK and Peter had to stage the event as a suicide.

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#5. Marilyn Knew Too Much About UFOs

To read on this theory, you need to be someone who believed that the U.S government was hiding secret information about the existence of Aliens. It is so because Dr. Steven Greer claimed that Monroe had the access to a lot of information related to aliens while she had an illicit affair with the President. He discussed his theory in great details in his documentary named 'Unacknowledged.' He suggested that Monroe had plans to leak the secret information and her clandestine affair too. In order to save both the information from being disclosed, the CIA got her murdered.

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#6. The Mafia Did It

Biographer Darwin Porter in his book, 'Marilyn at Rainbow’s End' suggested that Marilyn was murdered by the mob boss Sam Giancana, on the orders of the Kennedy brothers. They did so to shut her before she exposed the affair. Porter suggests the involvement of five Mafia hit men who entered the actor’s home, covered her mouth with a chloroform-soaked washcloth, inoculated her with barbiturates and dragged her into the bedroom to make the scene appear like a suicide case.

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