When and How did Michael Jackson die?

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When and How did Michael Jackson die?

Eight years ago the King of Pop was gearing up to give the world a grand final performance, but sadly that was not meant to be. Michael Jackson was 50 years old when his dead body was discovered at his LA home.

The world was reeling in shock, and a lot of questions about his death hung heavy! Are all trying to seek an answer to the query- when did Michael Jackson die? What was the cause of his death? Where did he die?

After 8 years of his death, a lot of questions have been answered but the loss remains the same.

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When Did MJ Die?

Michael Jackson was perhaps one of the greatest superstars whose fame had managed to reach every corner of the world. This and the controversies surrounding his private life had made the singer more of a recluse who avoided the limelight. He took a hiatus to raise his children who were born through surrogacy, but his failing financial conditions forced the pop star to make a comeback. ‘This Is It’ was going to be his last performance but a call made on the morning of June 25, 2009, from Michael’s LA home changed all that. The star who was heavily sedated by his physician, Conrad Murray was overdosed and died of a cardiac arrest. He was pronounced dead at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

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Involvement Of Foul Play

Nothing associated with the King of Pop was normal or regular; His life was plagued by controversies and even his death could not avoid one. It was no less mysterious. When Michael had made the media announcement for his tour, it was clear that the star was not in the best physical condition. His autopsy report showed that the star who was heavily under-weight was taking lethal cocktails of prescribed drugs. 

His physician Conrad Murray was looking after Michael who had several health problems and a sleeping disorder. The investigations that were carried out to uncover the truth behind MJ's death showed that Murray was administering lethal drugs such as propofol. The doctor was charged with man slaughter and was deemed unfit as a caretaker; he was put to trial in 2011 and spent four years in prison. 

Many other factors contributed to the death of the star which was dusted under the rug. The false charges levied at MJ, and his lavish lifestyle had completely drained his bank account. He had no option but to take on the stage for the last time despite his deteriorating physical health.

His Legacy

MJ might be gone, but the love of his fans has immortalized him in the hall of legendary performers. The star is survived by 3 children —Prince, Paris, and Blanket.

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