Who are the most Famous People from Spain?

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Who are the most Famous People from Spain?

Wondering who are the famous people from Spain? Well, let us tell you that the list includes everyone from actors and painters to some of the most renowned sports personalities in the world.

Here is the list of famous people hailing from Spain who have made their presence felt on the global level.

#1. Pablo Picasso

Everyone who is familiar with the art world knows about Pablo Picasso, and many who have nothing to do with it also do. The painter, sculptor, poet and playwright who went on to become one of the best-known personalities of the 20th-century, was born in the Málaga city of Spain in the Andalusian region.

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#2. Rafael Nadal

The current number 1 ranked professional tennis player, Rafael “Rafa” Nadal also has his roots in the European country. The legendary sportsman was born in the Balearic Islands of Spain, and that is where he currently resides. Besides bagging a gold medal in the 2008 Olympics for his country, he has also won over a dozen single titles in Grand Slam singles.

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#3. Penélope Cruz

Penélope Cruz is a world-famous model and actress who has been seen in numerous Hollywood blockbusters like Vicky Christina Barcelona, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and more. Besides being the first Spanish actress to have been honored with an Academy Award, she was also the first to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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#4. Enrique Iglesias

Widely regarded as the King of Latin Pop, Enrique Iglesias is a singer, songwriter, record producer and actor. The 42-year old heartthrob was born in Madrid, Spain but currently resides in Miami, Florida. With more than 150 million record sales throughout the world, he has also given more than 150 number-one hits across different Billboard Charts.

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#5. Salvador Dali

Born in Figueres, Catalonia, Spain, Salvador Dali is best known for his surrealist art. Among the many roles that the famous painter turned into were sculpting, fashion designing, writing, advertising, filmmaking, and printmaking. His most noted artwork, The Persistence of Memory which earned him global fame was made at the age of just 28.

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#6. Juan Ponce de León

The famous conquistador and explorer, Juan Ponce de León who gave Florida its name and became Puerto Rico’s first governor was also a product of Spain. He was born in 1460 in a poor yet noble family in the Santervás de Campos area of Spain.

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#7. Antonio Banderas

The list of famous people from Spain also includes the famous actor, director and producer, Antonio Banderas who has been seen in several Hollywood flicks like The 'Mask of Zorro,' and 'Original Sin' where he starred against Angelina Jolie. Born in Málaga in Spain, he is arguably among the most famous people from Spain in the world today.

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#8. Gerard Pique

A star in the Barcelona football team, Gerard Pique needs no introduction to any football  fan. The footballer also plays in the defending position for the Spanish national team and is one of the only four players in history to have won UEFA Champions League for two consecutive years with different teams.

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#9. Fernando Alonso

If you are a fan of 'Formula One' Racing, then this is one name that you would probably know. Often regarded as one of the greatest 'Formula One' racers in the history of the world, he made his debut in 2001 and had since won two world championships. The star currently races for McLaren-Honda.

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#10. Javier Bardem

The celebrated actor who took home an Academy Award for his supporting role in 'No Country for Old Men', Javier Bardem also hails from Spain. The actor was born on 1 March 1969 in the Las Palmas city of Spain and is currently married to Penelope Cruz, another person on this list.

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So, these are the most famous Spanish people in the world. You think we missed a name? Tell us through your comments in the section below. We would love to hear from you.

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Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias is the most popular celebrity from Spain. He has several female fans and he is a songwriter, singer, record player, and actor. He was born in Madrid, Spain. He has also been involved in many humanitarian activities, including the project, “Download to Donate,” which was launched in 2010. Recently, he has been on a tour for his new album named “Subeme La Radio”. He has given many hit albums and they stay forever in the hearts of his fan. He is undoubtedly the most famous singer from Spain.

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