A Goof-Up By MHA Leaves The Department In Awkwardness

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A Goof-Up By MHA Leaves The Department In Awkwardness

In the  Annual Report (for the year 2016-2017) by the Ministry of Home Affairs, a photograph of the Spain-Moroccan border has been published representing the Indian border.  

This photo depicts the development initiated on floodlighting along Indian-Pakistan border. Momentum in MHA took place after the expose and the officials admitted the embarrassing error. Consequently, an internal investigation has been ordered into this issue.

The photograph used for the purpose by MHA is clicked in the year 2006 of the Spain-Moroccan border and is shot by Javier Moyano.

The picture actually shows the Spanish conclaves in the north coast of Africa that’s fenced and floodlit with the Moroccan border.

(Image Courtesy: Twitter - ANI_News)

Rajiv Mehrishi, the Home Secretary, has commanded for an explanation from the officials. He said, “If it’s a mistake by the ministry, we will apologize.” Reportedly he has also asked BSF (Border Security Force) to elucidate the source of this photograph.

This is not just another mistake but a highly embarrassing situation of publishing an achievement booklet and publicizing a picture of the European countries.

But according to the Times Of India, the annual report has been out for three months so producing new copies for correcting the gaffe is not possible now.

The government had declared that the 647 km of Indo-Pak border with Bangladesh has been floodlit for preventing the infiltration of immigrants or terrorists into the Indian Territory. Reportedly, one year took to complete this project.

(Featured Image Courtesy: Trinketization)

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