Will The Paris Climate Deal Prevent A Cordial Relationship Between India & The US?

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Will The Paris Climate Deal Prevent A Cordial Relationship Between India & The US?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold talks with the US President Donald Trump and his administration on June 26, 2017, on a range of issues which would include India’s concerns over likely changes in H-1B visa rules and terrorism. This would be the first bilateral meeting between the two countries after Donald Trump arrived at the White House.

The White House’s Press Secretary, Sean Spicer said that Trump is looking forward to this meeting with Narendra Modi as he aims to discuss means to strengthen the bilateral ties between the two countries to achieve some common targets like fighting terrorism, promotion of economic growth and added security in the Indo-Pacific region. The Indian External Affairs Ministry also voiced similar concerns and said that they were looking forward to consolidating bilateral ties between India and the US and also find a newer and deeper direction on issues of mutual interest.

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One of the major agendas of the meet is speculated to be Modi’s attempt to raise the issues surrounding the United States’ plans to reduce the number of H-1B visas. According to a report, of the 1.8 million H-1B visas that have been distributed from 2001 to 2015, Indians have got a share of around 50.5%. A decrease in the number of the visa could decrease Indian people’s entry and employability in the US. Along with that, another major agenda of both the countries would be to strengthen defense ties. America identifies India as a major defense partner and has also praised India’s role in maintaining stability in the Indian Ocean region.

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However, in the backdrop of all this glory, looms the pertaining anger of Trump over India and China; two countries which he stated were the major reasons for the US pulling out of the acclaimed Paris Climate Agreement. During withdrawal from the accord, Trump had said that the deal is much more favorable to the two Asian countries. But nonetheless, India’s ties with America are a much crucial one and India cannot let the accord come in between the two nations. America is a strong nation and is also capable of funding the small businesses of India. PM Modi has to be diplomatic enough to ensure a successful visit to Washington.


It would be interesting to see as to how Trump reacts to Modi's agendas.

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