David Frum: Trump's New Normal - "Serious attack on ethical norms."

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David Frum: Trump's New Normal - "Serious attack on ethical norms."

David Frum is a conservative pundit, a former Bush speechwriter. In simpler times with less dire consequences, I would simply find myself juxtaposed against Frum's conservative bent. But he has vital feedback - David Frum is a conservative canary in a coal mine. We are in critical danger, and he's sounding the alarm.

Here's the TL;DR: Trump is trying to set a new normal.

Please, take a moment and watch, even if just this one:

Here's David Frum's appearance on Lawrence O'Donnell's show, The 11th Hour, from mid-January 2018, speaking about Trump's presidency as "a serious atrack on ethical norms."

I recommend David Frum's excellent book, Trumpocracy. (It pairs well with David Cay Johnston's book, It's Even Worse Than You Think.) Here's David Frum in a deeper dive, a conversation about Trumpocracy with Larry Wilmore. This is from 14-Feb-2018.

Another appearance in support of Trumpocracy is below; this one Canadian press. America Trumpified - sounds terrifying, doesn't it? Here, David Frum is able to speak rather plainly about the risks of Trump's presidency, in a way that differs from an American MSM appearance. This is well worth watching.

We are into strange and uncharted waters. David Frum is warning us that we may be driven upon the rocks by these strange and stormy seas. As the political surf pounds, we should heed his warning…

I'm posting this in the wee hours on the Left Coast, so I know the political pundits of Sunday news shows will add to this vital, ongoing dialogue. I may circle back and edit in a bit of additional punditry later, particularly if I see David Frum or Malcolm Nance. (Malcolm Nance's book, The Plot To Hack America, is essential reading, and Nance is working on the sequel now.) Namasté, one and all. I wish us all peace and strength as we face these challenges Read More Article o DAILYKOS.


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