'Mother Of All Bombs' kills 90 ISIS militants

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'Mother Of All Bombs' kills 90 ISIS militants

Afghan officials on Sunday pointed out that the number of Islamic State militants killed by massive US bomb in Eastern Afghanistan has increased to 90.The bomb dubbed as “Mother of All Bombs” hit Islamic State positions in Nangarhar Province in Afghanistan.

The bomb hit the cave complex and razed to ground the maze of tunnels which were being used by Islamic State militants to initiate their operations in the region. Care was taken to ensure that no civil targets were hit during the bomb attack.

Though civilian population used to reside in this area but had fled after the increased interference of Islamic State in the area. Fighting had intensified in the area in the past one week with one American soldier falling to the bullets of Islamic State militants.

Islamic State which had made a firm presence in the area in the recent past has been under intense pressure of holding to the area. US and Afghan forces have intensified their hold in the region and it is only a matter of time before they regain the region again. The dropping of Mother of All Bomb in this area is an indication that the fight for survival is now entering the final phase and it is only a matter of time before US soldiers regain the region.

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