How does the President of India differ from the President of USA?

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How does the President of India differ from the President of USA?

The President of India is the nominal head of the nation, the real power lies with the Council of Ministers led by the Prime Minister. Whereas, the United States of America has a presidential form of government with the president enjoying absolute power.

Both the Presidents of India and USA are elected head of their respective nations but the election process is different. The president of America is elected by the people directly, while in India the president is the elected by the elected members of the Parliament.

According to the constitution of India, the Indian President has executive authority but it cannot execute the authority independently without the recommendation of the Prime Minister of India and the Council of Ministers. The US President is the chief executive of the State with broad executive powers and it can execute its power to deal with domestic issues and also extend the power to foreign issues.

The US President plays the following roles -

1. Chief Executive

2. Chief of State

3. Chief Administrator

4. Commander in Chief

5. Chief Legislator

6. Chief Diplomat

7. Party Chief

8. Chief Citizen

The US President is the commander in chief of the armed forces with a power to take direct and immediate control of the military. It is responsible for drafting a public policy for people's interest. People expect that their president will work for their welfare but if there is any deviation and people are unhappy with its work then they can impeach the president.

The Indian President is the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces and has the authority to declare or end a war. But it has to work with the advice of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers.

Like the US President, the President of India also enjoys Judicial Powers, Executive Powers, Legislative Powers, Financial Powers, and Diplomatic Powers. However, can utilize its power only with the recommendation of the Prime Minister and Council of Minister. The President of India serve its office for five years and it is responsible for major appointments.

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