Donald Trump as US president: mean for India and the world

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Donald Trump as US president: mean for India and the world

US witnessed its biggest political shock in 70 years.

The Trump-era has officially begun.

Donald Trump’s triumph in the US election 2016 led to several unprecedented nationwide protests. Global citizens and media have propagated against Trump as US President.

But what does the new leadership really mean for India and the world?


What India stands to win

- Trump wants to pursue Indian entrepreneurs and students

- Imposition of heavy taxes, restrictions and curtailing trade with China could prove beneficial for Indian trade

- Trump’s firm stance on anti-terrorism could help deepen Indo-US strategic ties

- Proximate defence ties could also result in better business ties

- Opening up of US oil sector (onshore and offshore leasing) could unlock immense opportunities for Indian oil companies

What India stands to lose

- Renegotiation of foreign trade deals and treaties could impact Indian trade

- Bringing back jobs to Americans could mean restriction on immigration from India

- Termination of H1B visa programme could affect a lot of Indian IT companies

- Scrapping of Obamacare could spell a heavy blow for Indian pharma companies

- Reduction in corporate tax from 35% to 15% could lure back businesses of US origin back to American soil thus impacting Modi’s Make In India

Impact: Rest of the world

- Curtailing Chinese trade and imposing higher trade tariffs on Chinese goods could impact China’s trade and economy

- Reduction of corporate tax from 35% to 15% makes US an attractive destination in the world for businesses

- Imposing rigid policies to cut down immigration especially targeting Mexicans

- Prioritising native Americans and restricting skilled visas for job policies could spell trouble for a lot of immigrant population

- With an anti-terrorism stand, Pakistan as a country may further find isolation from allies

Currently, the US Presidency is one of the most powerful positions in the world and whether Donald Trump will make or break the US economy will remain an interesting event to spectate.

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