How many Businesses does Donald Trump Own?

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How many Businesses does Donald Trump Own?

The Trump Organization is an American international amalgamation based in Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Founded in the year 1923, the organization works as the holding company for the entire Trump owned business ventures.

Eyeing over the entire world map, Trump has picked some exotic locations for his hotels and towers. Here’s a sneak peek into some of them.

How Many Businesses Does Donald Trump Own?

The President of The United States rules over a vast empire of real estate around the world. According to the financial reports of the year 2015, Trump appears to hold stakes in more than 500 businesses (|including hotels, residential buildings, towers, and offices) in about two dozen countries throughout the world.

#1. Argentina 

According to an Argentine journalist, Trump owns an office building in Buenos Aires.

The information was based on a conversation that took place between Trump and Mauricio Macri, Argentina's President, just after the elections. In January, that followed the elections, the Trump Organization made an announcement about abandoning their plans of pursuing any projects in Argentina.

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(Image Courtesy: Merco Press)

#2. Bermuda 

DJ Aerospace (Bermuda) Limited is one of the companies that’s been listed in Trump’s FEC files. According to a Bermuda newspaper named The Royal Gazette, the company might have connections with the Bermuda-registered jet that Trump once owned.

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#3. Canada 

When it comes to Canadian business, Trump holds stakes in over 14 companies, including two hotels and condo towers. Trump International Hotel and Tower Toronto which is a 65-story skyscraper, America’s second-largest trading partner. Talon International, a real-estate development firm is the owner of the company that rests in the city’s financial district. The firm remunerated the Trump Organization for licensing and managing their brand and the building.

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(Image Courtesy: Toronto Star)

#4. Egypt 

Trump Marks Egypt and Trump Marks Egypt LLC are two of the companies that might have some relation with the Egyptian business.

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(Image Courtesy: NY Delhi)

#5. Georgia 

Trump disclosed his plans of constructing a luxury residential high-rise in the Black Sea resort town of Batumi worth $250 million in the year 2012. The project which was stalled earlier, came back to action after Trump’s victory, but it was reported that the Trump Organization was trying hard to disentangle itself from it.  

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(Image Courtesy: The New Yorker)

#6. India 

While exploring the Trump owned hotel locations, how can one forget about India, the most populous democracy in the world? The Trump Organization Inc. owns a pair of modern towers in Pune, and is working on a project in Mumbai as well. The location of the Trump Tower Mumbai is such, that the Vice President of the Bharatiya Janata Party owns the company adjacent to it.

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(Image Courtesy: Live Mumbai)

#7. Philippines 

Trump Tower Manila is one of the most highly developed series of Trump-branded buildings. The building was planned by Jose E.B. Antonio, a property tycoon. 

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(Image Courtesy: Arc Delhi)

#8. Qatar 

There are four companies (most likely tied up with Qatar) that held the interest of The Trump Organization. The desert nation known for its Airlines (Qatar), leased an office in the Manhattan Trump Tower. Ivanka Trump even mentioned about the future interests of the Trump Organization in collaborating with Qatar.  

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Trump Organization Subsidiaries 

Apart from various hotels and towers spread all over the world, Trump has a number of Subsidiaries. Here’s a list of few of the Trump Organization Subsidiaries. 

#. Keystone Redevelopment Partners, LLC   

#. TER Development Co. LLC   

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(Image Courtesy: Ter Trade)

#. TER Ocean State Development Co., LLC   

#. TER Management Co., LLC   

Trump Organization Worth 

Trump's real estate holdings were last estimated in 2015, at a value of about US$3.5 billion with an additional amount of US$1.3 billion as the value of his commercial properties. While his club facilities totaled at US$866 million, his residential properties valued at a whopping US$410 million along with other US$940 million for the properties of which he is a stake owner (less than 100% stakes). His assets provide for most of his income, with an additional support from the real estate licensing, branding and marketing deals and royalties. In the year 2015, Trump earned an additional $71 million from the sale of his Condo and $41.9 million as the rental income from his buildings.

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Were you aware of The Trump Organization’s worth? Let us know in the comment section below.

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