9 Best Presidents In The History Of The US

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9 Best Presidents In The History Of The US

The American President is considered to be the most powerful man in the whole world, with huge military forces with hi-tech weapons under his control.

Some of the best American Presidents are listed below. Who's your favorite?

#1. Abraham Lincoln

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He was the 16th President of America. He served the country for four years (1861-1865) until his assassination in 1865.

The major accomplishments of Abraham Lincoln include:

• Abolition of Slavery

• Signed the Homestead Act, 1962

• Face behind the current tax system of the U.S

• Fought for the Union (despite assassination threats)

#2. George Washington

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He was the first President of the United States and one of the major faces behind the establishment of the US.

Following are his contributions:

• Signed the first Copyright Law, 1790

• Encouraged President and Public interaction

• Major role in Whiskey Rebellion

• Signed the Bank Act, 1791

#3. Franklin D. Roosevelt

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He was the 32nd President of U.S who served the country from 1933-1945. He faced the Great Depression during his tenure. Yet, he was the longest serving President in the US.

His notable duties are as follows:

• Signing the Emergency Bank Act

• Established the minimum wage

• First Federal Action to forbid employment discrimination

• Headed the Allied Coalition to victory in World War 2

#4. Thomas Jefferson

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He was the third U.S President who is known for his knowledge and ideas. He served the country from 1801-1809.

Some of his achievements are mentioned below:

• Wrote the first draft of Declaration Of Independence, 1776

• Aka ‘America’s first foodie’ as he introduced macaroni and cheese.

• Doubled the size of U.S by purchasing land from France

• Composed Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom (1777)

#5. Theodore Roosevelt

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He was the 26th President of U.S and served the country from 1901-1909. He is considered to be the face of the progressive era in U.S. Not to mention that he was the youngest President in the history of America.

Major accomplishments include:

• Declared national emergency in the Coal Strike, 1902 and solved the issues superbly

• Broke the beef monopoly or the ‘beef trust’

• Reinforced American Navy force from 5th largest to 3rd largest in the world

• Drove national attention on Conservation of animals, plants etc as well as their natural habitat.

#6. John F. Kennedy

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He was the 32nd President of the U.S. His term began in 1961 and he served the office till 1963, until his assassination. 

Even in his short tenure, he was able to accomplish many things that included:

• Pulled U.S economy out of recession (through his reforms)

• Established Peace Corps in 1961

• Played key role in Cuban Missile Crisis negotiation, 1962

• Formed the Partial Nuclear Ban Treaty, 1963, to save environment

#7. Dwight D. Eisenhower

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He served as the 34th U.S President. He is known for his prominent role in World War 2. It is believed that it was him who freed the U.S from Hitler.

He served the office from 1953-1961. His accomplishments include:

• He lead the Allied Forces and marked a legendary victory

• Founder of NASA in 1958

• Ended the Korean War

• Included Alaska and Hawaii in U.S as 49th and 50th state

#8. Barack Obama

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He is the 44th President of the USA. He made history by becoming the first African-American man elected as the President.

As he served the office from 2008-2017, his major accomplishments included:

• Killed the supreme leader of Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden

• Saved the country from great recession

• Ended the Iraq war

• Signed the Hate Crimes Prevention Act, 2009

#9. William Clinton

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He is the 42nd President of the USA and served the term from 1993-2001. His tenure is also considered to have increased the country’s economy by leaps and bounds.

His major accomplishments include:

• Highest employment rates

• Longest economy expansion

• Highest home ownership in history

• Provided internet access to 95% colleges and schools

Was your favorite president in the list? If No, then please tell us who he was by commenting on teh box below. We would love to hear from you!

Abraham Lincoln
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