What Does Jagmeet Singh's Historic Win Mean For Canada?

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What Does Jagmeet Singh's Historic Win Mean For Canada?

Jagmeet Singh becomes to be the first Sikh politician to lead a major political party in Canada. He is in the league to fight against Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for the 2019 federal elections. Singh made history when he became the first person to represent the Sikh heritage in Canada and be elected as a leader of the New Democratic Party.  

He witnessed an astonishing victory and also expressed in his winning speech how he found it to be an incredibly profound honor. But, do you think his agenda of love and courage would win the hearts of Canadians? And would it be better for the countrymen if he really becomes the Prime Minister? 

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Answers (6)

Let's hope that he is able to bring some changes in Canada. 

I'm not qualified to answer this. Though, it would be a major win for Indian born Canadian citizens. 

Yes for a change it is something that should be done. Jagmeet Singh can bring a good change in Canada.

I can't really say if it would be for the better of the countrymen but I do hope that he wins their hearts.

Yes, it is good. Can't say what he would do for the betterment of Canada but he can be given a chance at least. 

He still has a long way to go to lead Canada as votes will come only if his policies and reforms are better than that of his counterpart. 

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