Why should you Vote?

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Why should you Vote?

'Should you vote' is a question asked by all the respectable citizens of the country. Thus, we all know that when the voting period comes near, we all are highly pressurized to make our contribution. But does voting really matter? And what is the age to begin voting? 

In America, teens can register at seventeen and can start their voting journey from the age of eighteen.

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On several occasions or may be more than that, it didn’t really matter for whom you voted for the president seat because your precious vote didn’t make any difference at all. You know why? In spite of the fact that you all voted for a president into office, the electoral college concluded that individuals vote won’t matter and instead they place the losing candidate onto the seat. In simple words, the presidency decision lies in the politician’s pockets and not in people’s hands! This entirely goes against the aim of the government that is ‘by the people and for the people’! And in fact, it is ‘by the politicians and for the politicians’ because of the power that has been given to the Electoral College.

For those who do not know what an Electoral college is, it is another word for an Electoral vote and refers to those few people are chosen by the leaders of each political party to cast a vote.

So What Can We Do?

It is pivotal to observe that even though your votes aren’t counted in for the election, that doesn’t give out a meaning that your vote does not make an impact. If individuals cast their votes for somebody in the majority for the acquisition of president seat, then it surely places pressure on Electoral College to make people happy. So instead, trickery is used such as rigging elections, increased marketing and sometimes getting non-Americans to outweigh the votes of the Americans greatly.

Another thing you must know that the above scenario just involves the votes for selecting the president. You vote is given preference for local elections. Even if you don’t vote for a president, you must vote in local elections. It is one of the locals who will be representing you and probably the people who would be placing uncountable pressure on the Electoral College and will make the president elected without the votes of the people to follow the wishes of the people.

So in real terms, your vote is counted in. The only difference lies in the fact that your vote has a greater impact in the local elections. The pitiable situation is that the American voting marketing lays so much importance on voting for the president rather than voting in elections which has a good amount of impact over it. So people! Move out and vote in local elections rather than wasting time!

But, also make sure that you vote in the presidential elections too because I’m sure you don’t want to hear people saying that the person who got the president seat won by a majority.

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There is a lot of corruption in today’s times, and the system won’t change in one day, but we can surely try to change it in a decade’s time. Firstly, move out and vote in your local elections. Secondly, Keep a watch over presidential debates and choose the best president you think will help and serve the American people the best.

Hope the above article added value to your knowledge. Let us know if we missed out on something by commenting in the box below.

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