Corrupted politics

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Corrupted politics

Corruption in politics is a serious issue and India is no exception when it comes to this problem. Almost all Indian political parties suffer from this disease. Kickbacks, unfair accumulation of wealth and promoting unworthy people for personal gains are some of the examples which have hit the political scenario in India in the recent times.

Some of the major political scams related to corruption in recent times include the Bofors Scandal, the 2G scam and the coal scam. The extent of this scam can be understood from the fact that even after 29 years of its commencement, it still features in the political discussions.

Reasons for this political corruption

Political corruption seems to be deep ruled and multiple reasons can be cited for the problem. Personal greed for money is one of the biggest reasons, though. The others can vary from the presence of middlemen in the deal who are on equal terms with the political leadership and the party which incites the idea of this corruption.

Many of the deals in the political scam run into millions of dollars and companies do not wish to leave any stone unturned so as to bag the contract.

Ending corruption in politics is more of a moral issue and the problem will prevail unless and until the leadership of this country and the opposition parties sit across the table and weed out the corrupt elements out from the political fabric of India.

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