Know More About Jared Kushner - The Chief Adviser To Donald Trump

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Know More About Jared Kushner - The Chief Adviser To Donald Trump

Jared Kushner is the son-in-law of Donald Trump, married to his daughter Ivanka Trump. He previously worked as a publisher for the New York Observer, a weekly newspaper owned by him.

He plays a significant role in President Trump’s administration now. Though he often makes the front covers of newspapers, there is still an air of mystery around the man who is the senior adviser to perhaps one of the most controversial president of the USA. Here are some facts about Jared Kushner that you must know:

1) The chief adviser of President Donald Trump, the man, often accused of being Anti-Semitic, is an orthodox Jew. Jared is very strict as far as his religious beliefs are concerned and his wife had to convert to Judaism to get married to him.

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2) He has zero experience in politics apart from being a member of the Institute of Politics at Harvard during his freshman year. His first question on his visit to the White House was, “how many of these people stay?”

3) He has been taking care of his family business at a young age of 27 (he was the CEO).

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4) Shockingly he has other political connections that have never been talked of, especially his funding of Democratic candidates which include Bill and Hillary Clinton.

5) He detests the media and the power they hold. He knows media is an active tool and can sway public opinion quite easily and he hates that, especially because of his anger towards New Jersey media for damaging his family reputation.

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A bit of both.

The entire world is filled with nepotism. Politics is no different.

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