‘MESSI’ Trademark Tussle Comes to an End

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‘MESSI’ Trademark Tussle Comes to an End

Messi had made an application to trademark his name in the European court in the year 2011.The initial suit filed in the Spanish court was won by the cycling company, and hence the following win in the European court brings relief for the world-renowned footballer.

Messi was seeking to get his trademark registered with the logo which contained name Messi with ‘Above it. He fought the particular case in the European court for about seven years to use his name on the sports goods.

The cycling company filed trademark opposition against the registration of the trademark by Lionel Messi stating that the words are visually and phonetically similar and hence will cause confusion among the consumer of the company.

The European court reviewed the challenges submitted by cycling brand which was opposing the use of Messi’s name on the sports goods. General court of Europe ruled in favour of Messi stating that he is well known around the world and it is dubious that anyone would confuse the products launched by the famous footballer with the Spanish cycling Company; Massi.

Court also stated that the ruling made by the European Union Office for Intellectual Property (EUIPO) was incorrect and limiting the reputation enjoyed by Messi only to the football-loving or sports-loving public would be disastrous and hence the footballer was given a green signal to use is name as a trademark on sports goods.

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