What do you think is the most popular sport in the world?

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What do you think is the most popular sport in the world?

When it comes to the popular sports, football also known as soccer is the king. According to various research studies, more than 3.5 billion people all around the world have been following football and the world cup events have become one of the biggest celebrations in the world. This wonderful sport has a lot of similarities to real life. In real life, we need perseverance, hard work, dedication, self denial, discipline, respect for authority and sacrifice to succeed. Quite similarly, we can see all these character traits in football as well. It is a beautiful game with a lot of drama, suspense, thrill and excitement just like real life.

Many factors contribute towards making football the most popular sport in the world.

Here are some of the most popular reasons behind the monumental popularity of this sport

Unflinching loyalty and never ending enthusiasm of the fans 

You cannot pick anything over the love, enthusiasm and loyalty of the fans when it comes to choosing the most important reasons behind football’s colossal popularity. For many people, football is not just a game but it is a way of life. According to some people, it is matter of life and death and, it is a religion for a whole lot of people. These crazy football fans sacrifice their valuable time and money to watch their favorite team in action and electrifying spirit of the fans translates into the players to perform well. So it is a give and take process and even the best players cannot imagine playing football without fans.

A truly unforgettable 90-minute journey by experiencing different emotions 

Football allows people to experience different types of emotions within 90 minutes. No other sport can boast of such an emotional intensity. If you are ardent lover of football, you can go through all types of emotions during a match. There is hope when your team trails and despair creeps in when your team misses some golden opportunities to score goals. When your side goes ahead by scoring goals, you become excited and enthusiastic as well. If your favorite player scores goals and team wins in the last minute, it results in the eruption of unlimited joy and happiness. When the team loses, sadness takes over. It is an emotional roller-coaster for the fans. Watching football creates a cathartic effect on the spectators and they often go back home without carrying an unwanted baggage of negative emotions.

The electrifying ambiance of best stadiums

Some amazing players and great stadiums have also played their role in popularizing this beautiful game. When it comes to picking best stadiums, nobody can forget Maracana, Camp Nou, Santiago Bernabeu, Wembley stadium, San Siro, Estadio Azteca, Old Trafford and Allianz Arena. The electrifying ambiance of these stadiums offers a surreal experience for both players and spectators and, it motivates people coming back again and again to watch football matches.

Astonishingly talented football players

Some of the geniuses, who played this game, made amazing contributions to improve the popularity of football. Players like Pele, Maradona, Johan Cruyff, Lev Yashin and Franz Beckenbauer made this game richer by displaying inimitable skills and offering unbelievable performances. When it comes to the current generation, players such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar have been making immense contributions to increase the popularity of football in the best possible manner. Many fans are ready to do anything to have a glimpse of these players and all of them can be described as the greatest ambassadors of this sport.

The role of FIFA

The role of FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) can never be underestimated while discussing about the major factors that play a role in making football the most popular sport in the world. FIFA’s effective implementation of various strategies has been taking the popularity of football into a different level altogether. Their marketing tactics, infrastructure development programs and close association with television companies have played a big role in making this game more and more popular.

We can say without an iota of doubt that football is a game brought down through generations and it can also be described as a language that more than 3.5 billion people speak. In that sense, it is not just the most popular sport but it also becomes the most popular language in the world. Moreover, football is a unifying force that binds people from different parts of the world together irrespective of their cast, creed, color, nationality and gender. This is the real impact of football and in such a situation; you can easily say that there is nothing surprising about football becoming the most popular sport in the world.

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