What sport do you think is the most dangerous?

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What sport do you think is the most dangerous?

Involving yourself in the world of sports is a magnificent way to explore the world of possibilities. There are several sports played over thousands of countries all over the world. Some are cheerful, some are expensive, while some pose a threat to the players. No doubt the sports which are cheerful have no risk of getting killed and even though some sports are expensive, still they pose less or no danger to the players. But some sports have a fearful status as they have a life-threatening risk to the players who take part in it. There are many sports that come in the list. Sports like Rugby is considered to be one of the most dangerous sports in the entire globe. But a sport played mostly by the citizens of the United States and Mexico is considered to be far more dangerous than other sports in its category.

Bull Riding, a type of rodeo sports played mostly in the American culture along with Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil and New Zealand is considered as the most dangerous sport in a matter of eight seconds. The rider has to sustain himself for a specific time by riding the Bull, while the Bull constantly tries to throw him off by bucking him. The kicks of the Bull which weighs around a thousand kilograms possesses a potential risk to the person who tries to stay at it. Straps and ropes are used by the player to fasten their hands to the body of the Bull and as soon as the Bull bucks, he controls himself to stay on it.

At times this particular sport has killed many people who try to stay on the Bull for the required time limit. Even as small as eight seconds prove fatal for players as the Bucking of the Bull is too fast and energetic. People who had lost their lives trying to control were stamped by the Bull after they fall from the back of it. Several associations of sport consider this particular variable to be life threatening and at times several protests are made to ban it. The rules in most of the American states have eight seconds to control the Bull, while outside America the time is a bit more and even less at some places. Mostly played by the Texas Rangers in the early 18th century marks the origin of this deadly sport. By the nineteenth century, this was popular in many parts of Texas and California, where Anglo and Hispanic ranchers worked together, 

Not many people step into the sport voluntarily. Some play it out of a need of earning. The eight seconds to control the bull holds hefty prize money to be won by individuals. The sport considered being famous among men who display their masculine skills, exhibits a name of being a “Macho game”. People at times, out of sheer curiosity to enthrall the audience by displaying their manhood, end up losing their lives. Several men try to boost up their manliness by riding heavy, weighing Bulls which are more dangerous than light weighted Bulls. The prize money depends on the weight and the ferocity of the Bulls that are to be tamed by the player. More the Bull is dangerous and uncontrollable, staying on it for longer hours generates a large income.

Falling off the Bull can cause severe head injuries. Players who died on the sport after being trampled by the bulls are many. There are even instances of some players who have been paralyzed partially or at times fully, and spending the rest of their lives in a wheelchair. But the pride and honor of this game are always at its peak. People always try to overcome these fears and display their masculine power to the audience. With a recent approach to enhance the game, more muscular and powerful Bulls are being brought to the Arenas to entertain the audiences. Breeding of Bulls has been increased over the past decade. With specific measures being taken to enhance the muscularity of the bull. With an increase in muscularity, the threat of life for the riders also increases.

A recent research even claimed that Bull riders during riding pose a life threat that is ten times more than the people who play Football or Rugby. There are chances that the player will be seriously injured and can spend his entire life as a crippled and a disabled being. The research also points out the words of the players who stated that certain injuries that they get from the game were life changing and had a deep Impact on their lives thereafter. Players risk their life every time they ride a Bull. Bull riding accounts for around 50 percent of traumatic injuries obtained by players in different sports altogether.

While several animal rights organizations around the world have a heated argument regarding the misuse of bulls, there has not been any change in the enthusiasm of the players. Although 4 out 10 players lose their life every year, still Bull riding has its own charm among audiences and several persons who display their masculine personality. No doubt Bull riding is the most dangerous sport played in the entire globe. Many point out the fact that “sport is played to win”, but in the case of Bull riding I would say “the sport is played to lose”.

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