5 Sports That Deserve To Be A Part Of The Olympics Event

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5 Sports That Deserve To Be A Part Of The Olympics Event

Olympics is by far the most prestigious sports tournament, and every athlete leaves no stone unturned to make sure that they win a gold model. Almost 28 games are part of this event, but that’s just not enough. It’s about time that some changes should take place and it should be in the form of inclusion of more games to the celebrated event.

Fans would love to see their favorite games become a part of Olympics and some well deserving athletes would actually get a chance to showcase their talent on a recognized platform. 

Here are few sports we wish were a part of Olympics:

#1. MMA

Mixed Martial Arts has gone to become one of the most popular sports of recent times. It has gained recognition and respect from people all over the world. As the interest in boxing is faltering, MMA is slowly rising to become the next big thing. The only fight that invokes interest in the masses is the UFC bout and keeping all this in mind, adding them to the Olympics would be a great step.

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#2. Cricket

The gentlemen’s game may not have affected the American continent much but it is a sensation all over the world. We owe its origin to the British but now this game has spread like a wildfire and its fans are totally devoted and passionate about it. The numerous tournaments and participation of almost all the countries in the world show what a huge phenomenon cricket is. It is only logical to take this popular sport a step further and make it a part of the Olympics. Its magnanimous fan base is sure to root for their teams to win a gold medal.

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#3. Baseball

The sport was officially removed from Olympics in the year 2005. The reasons were several but the major one was that baseball is not really a globally recognized sport. The second important reason was whether MLB would be able to send its star players to the Olympics when pennant races were starting to charge back up in the USA. The participation of 16 countries in the baseball competition at Olympics between 1992 and 2008 is a clear indication of how popular the sport is, and MLB can do what NHL does and take a few weeks off during the Olympic season to prevent any clashes. All in all, it makes perfect sense to include Baseball once again in Olympics.

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#4. Bowling

We wonder why this sport has failed to make its way into the Olympics. It was included as a demonstrative sport at the Seoul Summer Games but unfortunately could never be a part of the Olympics. Bowling has a long history that dates back to Ancient Egypt, something that very few others sports can boast of. It is about time that this sport finds its place in the illustrious sports competition.

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#5. Auto-Racing

This thrilling sport has a wide fan base all over the world. Be it any auto-racing competition, NASCAR, IndyCar or the F1 circuit, it would easily get a lot of attention from its fans who would be thrilled to see their favorite sport become a part of an Olympic event.

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Would you like to see one or all of these sports become a part of the Olympics? Do share your feedback using the comment box given below.

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