What is the History of basketball?

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Basketball was invented by James Naismith in Springfield, Massachusetts. He was asked to create an activity to entertain trainees the YMCA Training College during winter.   The year was 1891. 

The first basketball game was played in 1892 played with a soccer ball and two peach baskets suspended from walls of YMCA gym. After ten years, the open ended basket was designed. YMCA in Springfield Massachusetts is the home if basketball and was through it that basketball spread across the US.

The game of basketball grew very rapidly, with college teams forming leagues within the first decade of the game’s invention. Naismith himself would become a college coach for the game, joining the University of Kansas in 1898. He would amass a win/loss record of 55-60.


  1. The basketball had to be held between the hands, without the arms or body holding it.
  2. Players could not strike, push, hold, trip, or shoulder their opponent. If they did, this would be considered a foul. Two fouls would disqualify a player until the next basket was made without substitution. An attempt to injure an opponent would disqualify that player for the whole game.
  3. Striking at the ball with a fist would be considered a foul.
  4. A team committing three consecutive fouls would have a goal counted against them.
  5. A goal was scored only if the ball stayed in the basket. If it bounced out, the goal was not counted.
  6. Umpires could throw the ball into play if no one knew who had lost it out of bounds. They were also responsible for keeping track of fouls and scoring.
  7. Each half was 15 minutes. The side with the most points would win the game.

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