How many people can play in a game of basketball?

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How many people can play in a game of basketball?

Basketball is a sport wherein the ball needs to be put inside a basket or a hoop, which is 10 feet high and is placed at each end of the court. The place where the game would be played is referred to as the court which is rectangular in shape.

The game consists of two teams with five players in each team. Totally there would be 10 players playing at a time. This game is played by both men and women of varied ages and is more popular in the USA.

The total number of players may vary from an average of 8 to 18 per team. But on the court, there would be only five players per each team playing at a time along with the referee who would be moving around with the players.

Who would select the players? It is the coach’s duty to select the team members and from them, a captain would be selected. Any of these ten players in the court could get replaced by a substitute when they get tired or get hurt. Until the player gets freshened up, say with water or a refresher, the substitute would take the place of the tired team member.

The game starts with the referee throwing the ball to the two tallest players from each team standing in the center of the court. When the player shoots the ball into the hoop behind the arc the team gets 3 points, otherwise, they get 2 points. This type of scoring is referred to as field goals and with free throws, the team gets 1 point. In the end, the team that has the maximum number of points or scores would be declared as the winner.

If there is a tie in the score, 5 minutes of extra time would be given to the teams to prove themselves. If they are still unable to win more points than one another then, an extra time of 3 minutes would be given to both the teams in order to end the game favoring the winner.

 One of the best shooters ever is Wardell Stephen Curry representing the Golden State Warriors (Bay area, Oakland, California) of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He has been considered as the greatest shooter in the history of NBA.

The maximum number of points that have ever been scored in the history of basketball is 370, which was played by Pistons (Detroit), scored 186 against Nuggets (Denver) scored 184 points. This happened on December 13, 1983.

There would be four quarters with 12 minutes (NBA) and 10 minutes (IBA-international basketball federation) lag in each quarter with a 2-minute gap in each quarter. Totally, the game time would be 2 hours and 15 minutes including the pauses, timeouts, etc. Timeouts can be used when any of the players become tired.

Every quarter ends with a buzzer and the fourth quarter buzzer would be the end of the game.

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