Guide to Hydration During Sports

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Guide to Hydration During Sports

Fitness activities do play a significant role in ensuring your body is in good shape and health. Participating in any form of physical exercise will help burn excess fat in your body and keep you free from dangerous illnesses. You will also experience gains in muscle mass. Supplements or drugs like ephedrine can also help with burning calories and excess fat, which is essential for muscle increase and your fitness journey in general. Hydrating is necessary when participating in sports or any other physical exercises.

The body loses a lot of water through sweat when engaging in physical activities. This can be seen in the excess sweat it produces when exercising. Athletes and those participating in other physical exercises are always advised to stay hydrated. You can come up with a hydration schedule that will help ensure your body is in good shape. Make sure you understand your body better before setting up a hydration schedule. The following is a guide on how you can stay hydrated during sports or workouts.

Before Sports or Workouts

You should ensure your body is hydrated before starting your sport or engaging in any form of physical exercise. This will help maintain the fluid levels in your body as you keep up with your activities. One is advised to drink about 5 to 7 ml of fluid per kg of body weight. Once you get to know your body better, then you will see that the right time to drink fluids is about three to four hours before your workout or playing session.

During Sports or Workouts

Some considerable amount of fluid is lost during sports or workouts. Understanding your body better and knowing the rate at which you sweat will guide you in understanding the amount of fluids you should consume before or during your workouts. Whenever you get short breaks when playing, then you should take that opportunity to hydrate. The rate at which you lose body fluids may depend on the intensity of your sport or exercise. Body weight and environmental temperatures can also be a determining factor. Activities that exceed more than an hour will need one to hydrate during the process.

After Workouts

Drinking after vigorous workouts is also essential for the body to recover. You lose a lot of fluid through sweating when working out. Exercises that last for extended hours may use up most of your body fluid. You should also understand that excess hydration of your body during sports or workouts can lead to severe effects. The only way you can avoid the conditions that come with excess hydration is understanding your body better and sticking to the right hydration plan.

Best Drinks for Hydration

There are a couple of fluid options you can try with water being the most popular fluid you will find. You can also drink fruit juices and milk, which are also useful when it comes to body hydration. They contain nutrients that are good for fitness. Drinks that contain caffeine like tea and coffee can also be a good option. However, you should limit the amount of sugar you use in them. Make sure your drinks are cooled for smooth consumption.

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