Running: The Remedy for Knee Joint Inflammation

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Running: The Remedy for Knee Joint Inflammation

One of the major degenerative joint diseases is osteoarthritis. This disease, whereby the cartilage protecting the bones in the knee from friction wears out, is painful, to say the least, and affects more than of 25 million people worldwide.

Healthy Diet and Exercising

In the current times, due to the nature of most jobs, many are deskbound. A sedentary lifestyle is a known risk factor for arthritis. To keep your joints and overall body fit and healthy, health gurus recommend exercising on a regular basis.

Apart from exercising frequently, eating a well-balanced diet is necessary for your body. Ensure that your body gets the sufficient amount of vitamins and other nutrients for the day. Use food supplements, not to replace meals but complement them. Performance enhancement drugs or steroids, such as boldenon, can have significant benefits to the body if taken properly and in a way to complement your efforts in training.

Does Running Have A Positive Impact?

According to a recent health study, running can alleviate inflammation within the knee and safeguard against further development of arthritis.

Many runners are concerned about the large forces exerted on the legs during running and the possible effects on their knees. However, researchers from Brigham Young University, recently revealed that running does reduce inflammation in your knee joint. Through this finding, the researchers also busted the myth that running, especially for long distances, is bad for your knees.
To put this theory to test, the research partners assessed fluids taken from knee joints of a couple of healthy youths of both genders before and after a half-hour run. The fluids were then tested for the presence of two proteins – IL-15 and GM-CSF – that signal the presence of inflammation.
The researchers discovered that after half an hour of running, the percentage of the two proteins dropped significantly, which proved an overall drop in inflammation within the knee joint.
To put to bed any other factors that could counteract their findings, the researchers conducted a similar test, but this time around the participants took a thirty-minute seated rest instead of running. The fluid samples collected before and after the rest when tested did not show any drop in the inflammatory proteins.

The researchers also argued that running is not chondroprotective, which means it only helps adjourn the onset of growing joint problems. They added that running, alongside other kinds of exercises, is beneficial to the long-term health of joints, especially in young people.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, the researchers said that exercising could be a kind of medicine on its own. Nonetheless, beginners should take time to gradually adapt to running and not get too intense all at once. If you have arthritis, and your bones are rubbing against each other, running is not right for you. In fact, it will worsen the situation.

Any pain experienced after jogging or running should not be neglected but should be a signal for to see a doctor to investigate things further.

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