How To Improve Depression And Sleep Problem Without Medication

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How To Improve Depression And Sleep Problem Without Medication

About 10- 35% of people have insomnia or sleep problem. Once a person gets insomnia, it becomes worse day by day, like a physical and psychological battle. According to clinical experience and research, we come to know that insomnia or sleeping problem is associated with depression which reduces the life quality. In a word, depression creates insomnia and insomnia create various problems such as frustration, hopelessness, anxiety, exhaustion, and inability to concentrate. Sleep depression is the most common psychological problem which is reducing our efforts to lead a healthy life.

  • So, today, we are going to discuss about depression, sleep problem and the way to get rid of the problem without any medication.

  • Clinical Depression:

  • Clinical depression is mainly one kind of mood disorder, a psychological problem. This is the reason of hopeless, sad, helpless and worthless. This is the reason why we feel sad all time. But remember, when you feel sad for a long time, your feeling becomes intense. And this depressed mood creates a physical problem too which is very injurious for you and keeps you away from leading a happy and normal life.

  • Depression Symptoms:

  • Depression and sleep deprivation including insomnia triggers you into the depressed mood. The main symptom of depression is losing interest or pleasure. Here are some other symptoms of depression-

    1. The feeling of helplessness and hopelessness
    2. A feeling of excessive guilt and worthlessness
    3. Become confused to take any decision
    4. Changes of psychomotor (retardation or agitation)
    5. Significant weight gain or weight loss
    6. Diminished of concentration and thinking the ability
    7. Energy losing
    8. Hypersomnia or Insomnia almost every day
    9. Suicidal ideation and thought of death
    10. Cause of social, occupational or other distress.

    Note: Emotional symptoms are more significant depression than depression mood or moodiness. It lets you about thinking of suicide, worthless or hopeless and many others bad feelings that are the barrier of getting go to school or work, socialize with others and making difficult to get out of the bed.

  • Why Sleep Is So Important:

  • Sleep is the process to make us fresh and monotony- free as well as restore the power after all day long workout. Normal sleep is considered as the restorative state. However, when the sleep is inadequate or disrupted, it can lead you to worst feelings, irritability, vigilance, hypertension etc. Medical problems, Metabolic problems, Emotional trauma or physical problem triggers sleep problem or insomnia. Poor sleep can lead you to fatigue. And the fatigue makes you exercise less which makes you physically unfit. Even, you may also find yourself in the inactivity vicious cycle. This can cause serious mood-related and physical symptoms.

  • How To Improve Sleep:

  • Well, to improve the sleep problem without medication, you need to do mainly two things. Here they are-

  • Focus On Your Body

  • The best way to get rid of your sleep problem is focusing on your body. General exercise, breathing exercise, somatic therapy technique, relaxation can help you to have a good sleep. Daily exercise makes you tired which is helpful for a sound sleep. And remember, Alcohol, Caffeine, and Nicotine reduce the sleep and also harmful to your health. So, try to ignore them. However, try to wake up and go to bed at the same time daily. Habit will help you too.   

  • Calm The Mind

  • To improve the night time rest or sleep, calming the mind can be the best way. When you have distress or sleeplessness, you can do some things to calm the mind. Reading books before sleeping is a good habit. It calms your mind and removes stress. Dialectical behavior therapy techniques, cognitive therapy, and conscious relaxation are other helpful methods. You can make a habit that you will turn off using all the electronics devices before 30 minutes of bedtime. You can also talk to doctor, therapist, a psychiatrist for a better solution to the problem.

  • Insomnia Tips:

  • Here are some tips that are very useful and my patient found them help helpful to the insomnia problem. I am mentioning them to you. Hope, you’ll be helped and get rid of sleep depression-

    1. Go to bed and wake up every day at the same time
    2. Limit your naps
    3. Try to perform your exercise regularly
    4. Limit your bed activities
    5. Eliminate Caffeine, Nicotine, and Alcohol.
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