How to Deal with a Family Member who is Suffering from Depression?

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How to Deal with a Family Member who is Suffering from Depression?

A majority of times we are unable to identify what a family member is going through and how can we help him/ her overcome the situation. Today's stressful living and the ominous ability to deal with tension leads to a lack of self-confidence making the inner-self vulnerable. 

So, whether a loved one is associating themselves with general pressure or it's something deep & dangerous, we don't come to know unless the signs become visible. But upon identifying, what can we do as a family to handle the dilemma of the one suffering?

Just follow these 9 ways to win over their depression!

#1. Self-Awareness Comes First

A simple google search won't benefit. You need to educate yourself and dig deeper to know every detail about the issue. Depression is more than mood swings, sadness, uncontrollable outbursts and sleep disorders. So make every effort to keep yourself updated and help the other person elucidate into a happy mode and not any perplexities.

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#2. No Criticism/ Judgments

Someone under the clouds of depression isn't living in the same universe as everyone else. Conditions that govern our world do not exist in theirs. So it isn't a good idea to administer their reality with logics. And acting like what they experience isn't real, isn't true or is wrong makes the situations even worse. They witness a mental illness which is curable, but criticism makes them feel worthless. So, accurately choose the words that you say even under unfavorable circumstances.

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#3. Don't Keep Offering Advice Unless Asked For!

Probably it seems natural to fix someone by providing them life-changing guidance. But on the other hand, this attitude makes them feel inadequate & humiliated. Don't unnecessarily offer bits of advice.


#4. Educate The Patient About What They Need To Know

You as a family member have the ability to bring the other member out of their disparity. No one can understand them better in solving the puzzles of depression, but you! What follows the detachment or what physiological, emotional and spiritual reasons need to be considered can only be found out by a family member and not a professional. 

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#5. Patience, Support, And Persistence

It takes a lot of effort, perseverance, and compassion to love a person dealing with depression. Yes, it's not easy. Even if the person suffering is a family member, we tend to lose our tolerance and opt for resentment. But never forget, he/ she is a valuable member of the household who deserves a fair share of affection & companionship. Appreciate the fact that they too are human beings and constant support is all they need. Sometimes more but never too less!

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#6. Encourage Treatment

Make them aware that whatever they are going through can be talked about. Explain that their condition is not a personal flaw. Suggest and not force them into seeking medical assistance. Get them into an understanding that an authentic treatment is mandatory & will prove beneficial. Be willing enough to accompany them at every session whenever required. Be supportive of the treatment and show your interest in bringing their spirits high!

#7. Remind Them How Beautiful Life Is

Constantly keep reminding them of the good times. Circumstances do change, but happiness remains the same. Help the person evolve from their quarantine bubble. Don't let them give up even if it seems like a never ending fight. Support in a way that doesn't seem to be a burden. Make them laugh. Pass on the rays of hope. List even their slightest accomplishments. Celebrate every positive movement.


#8. Ask Valid Questions

Try and avoid misunderstandings by making self-assumptions. Ask legitimate questions, these are critical. The terrain is vast with each person holding a different viewpoint. And you never know the anxiety levels might be so intense that a plan of suicide might be under process. Therefore, get enough information to form an action plan. They are your family, know them even better!

#9. Be A Good Listener

Don't just ask questions because that's some responsibility. Ask, because you should, because you genuinely want to help and because you are there not to react but to listen!

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Take it as a challenge that needs to be conquered under every circumstance. And just remember that being there & asking how you can help is an incredible gift. Do share your thoughts & opinions with us on how you think depression can be dealt! We would love to hear from you!

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