What does Fam mean?

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What does Fam mean?

The slang ‘fam’ has been a part of the internet lingo for a long time and before that, it was used in everyday conversations. If you use Twitter, Facebook or any other social networking website, then you must come across it now and then.

Do you know what fam means? Take a guess, and you will probably be right. Here’s a hint, it is an abbreviation for a noun; it shouldn’t be that difficult to guess now!

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Well, if you thought ‘fam’ is short for ‘family,' then pat yourself on the back because you, friend, are right. The abbreviation is used to refer to a single person or a group who you trust or consider your family. However, it isn’t so much used to describe the biological relatives, as it is for the friends who are particularly close to you.

So, when you come across phrases like ‘thanks, fam,' ‘I got your back, fam’ or ‘I am good, fam,' then that means that the speaker is quite close to the person he/she is addressing.

Another phrase that you must be seeing online all the time, especially in memes is ‘it’s lit, fam,' which is used both ironically as well as literally to refer to situations that may be incredibly fun or terrible.

How Did It Emerge?

What most people believe is that while ‘fam’ had been in use in the United Kingdom for a long period of time, it only emerged and became popular in the US in the early 2000s. A New York-based rap group known by the name, The Diplomats, is also credited with making the slang popular. The group also used ‘fam’ in one of their hits, ‘This Is What I Do’ which was released in 2003.

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You learn something new with AskOpinion every single day, right? You can find the meaning of other popular acronyms like LML , HMU and FOMO here. We hope all the doubts that you had have been cleared by this post. Do you think the abbreviation is as popular as it used to be?

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