What does Swag mean?

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What does Swag mean?

Have you been on twitter of late? Have you been trying to navigate your way through your social media accounts and have come across the huge use of the word ‘swag’? Are you still not sure where to use it?

Well if you can’t figure out what exactly ‘swag’ means, you are not alone. The word has such a wide usage in so many different contexts; people do tend to get confused most of the times.

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What Does Swag Mean?

The meaning of swag according to the meaning given in the website urban dictionary is ‘appearance, style or the way some one presents themselves.’ According to this meaning, swag should represent the way someone carries and represents themselves. But, the meaning and usage of swag is not restricted to the meaning mentioned above. This is understood from the following references.

#1. A user on Facebook post the following comment, “just had killer burgers today #swag.”

#2. A term very often used, ‘fake swag equals no swag.’

#3. People choose to compliment others by saying, “Wow, I love your swag.”

These references clarify the fact that the usage of swag is not restricted to refer to the stylish appearance of a person, but for a lot more.

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